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Comic fun!
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Another Road
Another day
Deep breath
Step forward
Trying not to fall
Off the edge of the world
Trying not to lose
Where we came from
Not knowing
Where we are going

Another road
Another day.

Good morning Googler's, I hope your day takes you where you want to be not where you have to be.

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Hangout Lower Third - Public Release
The time has come, I finally release the latest version of my lower third app to the public. The new API 1.1 is live and so is my app.

Feature list
► Create a custom Lower Third on-the-fly (name, tagline, backdrop, logo)
► Add a custom overlay

Install App (opens a new Hangout):

You can combine both of these features as you like. If you want to create a custom overlay you just have to create an image (640x360 pixel) and design it the way you like. You can also use the custom overlay for simply show any image you want.

These features are just a start and I will extend this app with more stuff.

Please send me your feedback and suggestions

Is that the app +Chee Chew was looking for?

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From Zero to a Billion!

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What do you guys think about the new Google+ interface?

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You have to check out this technology & of course, the slick presentation!
Fell in love with Isis during the RAMP conference in Chicago. Amazing tech! Check out this video of where the world of mobile payments is going! (AND it will debut in Austin FIRST!)

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Interesting stats on Google Plus!

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Must see! Count me in!
This. Looks. Amazingpants!

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Simply Awesome!

I'm through with excuses.
I'm through with "good enough."
I'm through with settling.
I'm through with justification.
I'm through with waste.
I'm through with fitting (and fitting in).
I'm through with nice (for nice's sake).
I'm through with my assumptions.
I'm through with relying on what's worked before.
I'm through with mistaking consistency for success.
I'm through with the word "will."

I declare war. On everything above this line.

I do what I'm capable of doing.
I deliver excellence.
I create what's next.
I am the echo.
I am the bonus round.
I am the "hard" difficulty setting.
I am the extra 20 pushups.
I am the success story.
I am love.
I am my story told loudly, regardless of the reaction.

It's war.
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