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Dean Saliba
Fulltime Freelance Blogger Extraordinaire
Fulltime Freelance Blogger Extraordinaire

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What a lovely day to sit in the garden and do bugger all.

So I'm watching Rip-off Britain and some woman has said get rid of smells from your clothes by spraying them with vodka. And stick your jeans in the freezer. 😂

Westminster Mile, Velo Park Mile, London 10,000, Manchester Half and World Half Marathon Championships (Valencia) all booked. 👍

Sailed through the assessment. Health & Social Care course starts May 24th.#NewCareer

I might have finally found a way to get into a profession I've been interested in for a while. 👍

Vicky Park 10k tomorrow. Not confident of a PB, but we will give it a go. 👍

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If you are on the lookout for a new guitar footswitch then have a butchers at this fbv - it is on sale as well!

Couple of geezers on the bus are rolling mini paint rollers all over their face. Anyone know why?

When you lose someone close to you people say that things get better in time, it doesn't, you just learn to deal with it a bit better.
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