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Dean Saliba
Fulltime Freelance Blogger Extraordinaire
Fulltime Freelance Blogger Extraordinaire

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I think I am in the wrong class.

A 3 mile warm-up, Highbury Fields Parkrun, a 4 mile warm down. (10 in total) before breakfast. 👍

Why is Michael Fish promoting London Pride? The man has probably never supped an ale in his life!

Hmmmm. So my card gets rejected at ATMs as "faulty", but i can use store card readers with pin or without pin.

I don't normally make political posts, but I wish some of you would care as much about the homeless in this country as you do about refugees. #AllLivesFuckingMatter

Millwall knock another Premier League side out of the FA Cup! ⚽ ⚽

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I'm about to go on a run after eating my own body weight in cheese.

So, I finally took my Christmas tree down. #nonconformist #different
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