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Andrea Strange
I live in BGKY. I am a HUGE fan of the Nashville Predators.
I live in BGKY. I am a HUGE fan of the Nashville Predators.

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Whaddup + people?

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Hi, G+! I am walking in the March of Dimes: March for Babies! I would love it if you could help us out with a small donation, or spread the word! Thanks!

Hello, G+.

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Thank you for helping us achieve a rare trifecta: The Hunger Games is the #1 Film, Book, and Album in the country!

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Six CRAZY Android phones that will change everything this year.

This year, the mobile phone becomes something entirely different, and will gain powers and capabilities beyond science fiction. Here's what's coming this year:

* A phone that transforms into a tablet, which transforms into a laptop!
* A phone that becomes a Minority Report TV remote!
* A phone that's as powerful as a PC!
* Software that transforms any Android phone into a PC!
* A phone that gives you 3D without glasses!
* A phone with a built-in PowerPoint projector!

All these phones are coming this year!

Get the details:

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Filing our bellies before the preds game! Love hanging with my Dad

Really surprised by this trade between the Preds and Habs! Best of luck to Geoffrion in Montreal!

I really wish G+ was more popular. I like it a lot.

Super excited to get home and see how my photos from my Canon SX230 turned out! Wasn't ready for a D-SLR so I got this one with a 14x zoom and continuous High Speed burst. I definitely need to upgrade my memory card though, I got a class 4 because it came with it and it has definitely slowed the camera down. Had to stop to record a couple of times.
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