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looooooooooooool funniest thing i have seen in a long time - yep, dismissing you as angry and feminist
was I supposed to take it seriously - poetic? yes, funny? yes, weird? yes yes yes
It's ok, you're a man. I can't expect you to empathize with people who are hurting.
awch! that punch was below the belt! just because am a man? Do you hate men? I empathize with every woman who has been in an abusive relationship. My heart goes out to them. But I have little sympathy for those with 'pe*^* envy'.

Honestly I thought it was just a bit of harmless fun and another one of your classical entertaining, educating pieces. Btw, the coffee piece taught me alot....thanks
Oh goodness khader, you've figured it out! All that any woman really wants is a big flailing donkey dick. So envious. It's okay though. With the con of not having a penis comes quit a few pros, one of which happens to be impeccable comprehension skills. Oh wait ... You'll probably understand this about as much as you understood that video. :) 
OMG HAHAHAHA Hannan you're my new favorite person!!
This isn't about men vs women: Woman was created of man, from man and for man so arguing about who is better at spelling is idiocy. A woman's rightful place in society is the home, rearing kids and making sure her husband is smart when he leaves for work to win her daily bread. Any other achievements are illusions which you are probably familiar with.
Khader I won't argue with someone who is ignorant. It goes nowhere. I truly feel sorry for you. Please, tell me about khadijah, the prophet's pbuh wife. What she a homemaker? Did the prophet pbuh belittle her for her numerous achievements? Men like you make islam look so bad. Please learn from the prophet pbuh
I think we are getting too carried away with this topic
Lol it's funny because he said something about arguing about who's better at spelling, which is not at all what I did. I knew he wouldn't get it. <3 it's okay khader go back to your sandwich babe. 
Hannan you're seriously cracking me up LOL <3
Sandwich babe? Ignorant of that? yes. Enlighten me. Ignorant of Islam? Nay! Khadija (r.a) entrusted her business affairs to Mohamed bin Abdullah (s.a.w) who over saw it. I am not saying women should be treated with contempt or like sexual objects like they are in the west.

Women have rights given by God just like men do.

I once read a quote from a book, it went something like; 'A woman is like the moon, shines cool light, with natural laws that prohibit it from entering the Sun (man's) orbit. If she were to break off - to what consequence?

Stop making me look like the bad guy - unfortunately many of our sisters have been infected with western feminist ideas - too bad I can't cure you - but I will pray Allah does
So according to your theory, what is a single woman to do? Aimlessly wander around the world waiting for a man to tell her where his orbit is? Please, enlighten me. Also, since you know khadijah well, what did she do before she met the prophet pbuh?
Khader, no one is making you look like a bad guy. On top of being an ignorant, loathsome, misogynistic neanderthal, you can't take responsibility for your own actions. Oh wait... i forgot, that's probably a womans job. Based upon your nonsensical biased rants I've come to the conclusion that either you are a very angry blue balled man who has been rejected by a lot of women (is it any wonder why?), or you just really wish you had a vagina for yourself and it makes you so angry to have to be so closeted. Either way, i support you and I'll be here for you if you need to have a good cry, because after all, what are women for?
Hannan, lt is sad that you have to fight dirty in order to get your point across. Did I touch a raw nerve? I will not condescend to the level where I have to call my sister names but like I promised, prayers are coming your way.

Just for clarity's sake, I am not any of the things you wish on me. I am happy with the life I have. My annoyance stems from the fact women are too easily available, kinda like free meat nobody awes. I am left asking myself, where are all the exclusive girls?

To my sister, Stephanie: Khadija was a business woman, wealthy and full of character. She is an example. Women have as much right to seek a living as men do. FYI my sister holds a Phd in Medical diagnosis. The point I was making was about the obsession some women have with 'becoming a man' without clears throat you know what. Let me ask you a question. While you pursue a career, a wealthy man knocks on your door. Takes you in, would you continue working? Continue with the free mixing work culture?
Honestly, IF that situation occurred, I'm not sure what I would do. I would like to think I could allow myself to take some years off working to have children. I know myself too well, though. I doubt I could stop working for many years. I love what I'm doing. It's not work to me. Keeping away from my work would be like keeping away from my love. I don't ever want to "become a man". I think we have plenty of men bulldozing through the workforce. We need some real women there who can make achievements without acting like something they're not.
Khader Jeylani - looooooooooooool funniest thing i have seen in a long time - yep, dismissing you as angry and feminist
just to make it clear when someone posts a poem about empowering women and not being treated like, as you say "meat", your first and initial reaction is " yep, dismissing you as angry and feminist"

you are a hypocrite and your pathetic. you got owned and now your changing your stance. just admit you where rude and you got what was coming. keep your prayers. that is all.
Hannan, I feel sorry for you. I sincerely do. Good luck to the man who marries you (if that happens at all). If you don't want my prayers, then I will pray for him. You will never find a lasting union with that stinky attitude. I am as sure of that as the sun sets in the west
Ok time for everyone to get along now! Lol
lol Stephanie, the peace maker - Sign me up - I hereby surrender. Judge between us, you have understanding.
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