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Okay Before i start i get it no one cares. Everyone forms their own opinion so let it be. If you disagree with me then let it be civil. About the Vita. Lots of people say it has no games. Those people are just lazy. Or just don't own a vita. People who say that are people who want first party games thrown at them. There really are a lot of (good) games for the lovely system. Now i do own a 3ds, it does have more games, it came out first. I like my 3ds but i also like my Vita and being completely honest i play my vita more. People if you dont like the vita games then go buy psp games until something catches your fancy. Owners who dont use it and complain i think are negligent. Why dont you go buy a game? If you absolutely believe the vita has no games you have Ps1 and Psp sections to choose from. If you say ohhh that's not vitaaa only people who own 3ds do the same thing with virtual consoles. I have alot more to say but ill see how the public reacts to this.
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I love anime,electronic music, and games, I draw stuff and hope to make games and do animations. Anything but Ordinary
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I can draw amateur-ly and i survived my freshman year
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