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Damn It's Hot! Club Meeting - 31 January
That the maker TCOW has air conditioning, right?! Really though, given we're the BEST WARGAMING CLUB in Auckland (still undisputed, might I add) you wouldn't really expect anything but top notch facilities, right? So what did we get up to this week, I hear ...

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Club Meeting - 17 Jan 2016
It was cold at the first TCOW meeting of cold. It was cold enough to send one to ones grave even! Mind you, that could have been the air conditioning which really was needed given the temperature outside! So, what did we do at TCOW this week, I ca...

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T.C.O.W 2016!
That's right gamers, TCOW is back for 2016 and boy are we excited! There is a lot planned for this year in terms of gaming and events and just keeping the roll from last year continuing. Just some of the things planned are: - DanCon III - Just around the co...

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LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING!!! Club Meeting - 29/11
Apparently, this week's meeting was the last of the year. Given that Clash of Kings is on during the next club meeting and the whole Unholy Trinity will be there, no one can open the doors. Well, shit. There is some chattering about basement games though, s...

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Firestorm West! Club Meeting - 15/11
Like many other wargaming clubs and groups around the world, TCOW (with the help of Mike Haught) are participating in the global Firestorm: Caen Flames of War campaign. This is being run by Cam over at Rust and the City  and it being embraced really well.  ...

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Who run Bartertown? TCOW does Master Blaster! The second iteration of Bludgefest was held on the weekend and once again, a veritable Portobello Road of nerdiness appeared. Just about anything was on sale and everyone was keen to buy! Gimme your money, gimme...

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FlamesCon 2015 - Results + MOAR PHOTOS!!!
You've seen the pretty pictures. You've heard the murmurings around das wasserkühler about what went on. Well wait no more! Here are your official results as well as some more photos from the event. Rogue's Gallery Phil Petry - The Coveted SPOON! Davide Ran...

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FlamesCon 2015 - TCOW Forever!!!
That's right ladies and gentlemen, the biggest Flames of War tournament in Auckland is on again this weekend!! This year, however, the event is being jointly run by That Club Out West and the North Shore Wargaming Club. Dan and Steve have put an amazing amo...

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Those moments when..... - Club Meeting 18.10.2015
Moments in time that you suddenly look back on and go...oh yeah, I knew that! That's what this week's club meeting is going to by summarised as I think. It happens to all wargamers at one time or another I guess... So, what did we do then? As always, a mixe...

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That's right people, the GREATEST WARGAMING CLUB in AUCKLAND (still UN-DIS-PUTED!!!!) will open its door-shaped arms and welcome you into its air-conditioned bosom. It will lay its tables on the floor and allow you, YES YOU, to play on them. And what should...
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