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Romena Akther
Nursing Teacher - Chittagong Nursing College, Volunteer, sasrai-Movement
Nursing Teacher - Chittagong Nursing College, Volunteer, sasrai-Movement


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Vulnerability of Nurses In Bangladesh
Ensure Due Health Service That Ensure Desired Development for Nation ---- Humanity
Wish the meaningful & purposeful celebration of Independence Day of Bangladesh
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sasrai-Movement is a free will movement around the globe. Anyone from any corner of globe can take the lead, she/he who believes in habitable earth for each creature. Nature demands zero abuse and optimum utilization of resources. sasrai-Movement consists of volunteers that appeal, practice `save a bit, reserve, preserve, rejuvenate and conserve resources.’

We believe:
 The biggest threat to the Planet Earth is Rapid Running Out of the Resources
 sasrai-Movement must be the Central to Realizing Sustainable Development Goals and ensure Peace, Justice, Dignity, Rights, Prosperity, Security for Each
 Each must have the responsibility and capacity to reverse the devastating trend of the planet
 Education needed to be earth, environment and humanity friendly
 No matter Climate Changing or Not, Ice Melting or Not – We must stop Consumption Craziness

Vision: Environmental Justice, Sustainable living
Goal: Resource Responsible Individual, Family, Community and Humanity


a. Bringing behavioral and attitudinal change regarding use and abuse of resources
b. Practicing less consumption as maximum as possible
c. Create Climate Change Cader in Each Community

sasrai-Movement Activities Including Others

a. Organize dialogue and discussion with all level of people emphasizing student
b. Organize Human Chain aimed at message dissemination for mass people
c. Facilitate to formulate individual, family and community action plan
d. Create community actor to motivate, monitor and follow up community action plan
e. Organize fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly monitoring and evaluation
f. Display the report/progress in social communication centre
g. Display and disseminate the lesson learned locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
Earth Community Must Consider
a. Stephen Hawking: "Let us fight for every woman and every man to have the opportunity to live healthy, secure lives, full of opportunity and love. We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.”

b. 6th century reformer Poet Solon wrote --
"Snowstorm and hail come from a cloud and thunder comes from lightning,
But the ruin of the city comes from unjust men they do not understand how to restrain their greed. They grow rich, persuaded by their unjust deeds, which destroys the beautiful youth of many; and from its troubles the much-loved city is swiftly worn out, friendships destroyed in unjust factions."

We must get our children Resource Literate
And `Resource Literacy’ Shall bring the `Environment and Climate Literacy’
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June 10. 06. 2017
The Managing Director
National Heart Foundation Hospital & Research Institute
Plot-7/2, Section-2, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

Dear Sir
My wife has backed from the chamber of Expert Doctor that performed the Angiogram in NHF May 20, 2017. Again he has he has suggested neurologist. Could you tell me why? I am in doubt regarding the rationality of his suggestion. Is he not capable to realize the pain created and going on for his misdeed/malfunction during Angiogram and Anesthesia? I have requested him repeatedly if there is any wrong check it thoroughly, make us clear, it might be the new avenue for your research and study.

I don’t know why gentleman is such a afraid of his action and performance. We are human being man. We could make wrong and we are here to correct it. I assume it has happened due to test of new medicine or some new method or it might happen due to his hurry in the work being overburdened by his institution. Yes doctors have no time to look at the patient and patients’ suffering. They do everything like garments labor – per hour production.

Most of the institutions and individual is creating disaster for the patient and her/his family just to keep the rising trend of their profit line. Well you do your business where it is disaster you shouldn’t try to put it on other’s shoulder. Please you do shoulder honestly and sincerely. You will do business and in every step make profit, wouldn’t share any risk or the loss – isn’t it unfair?

I am sure none of you will say that for Angiogram each patient needs 21 days or more to be cured and there will be something solid in the place where medicine injected during Anesthesia that prompt pain, burning in whole leg.

Have you ever been face the unbearable weeping, crying and various types of heart burning sound from your nearest one due to pain and burning? May be you haven’t. If there are someone in your hospital not aware about please send them at my resident. I think they should learn it that might serve your business as well as my nation. This is the time for us to be advised so many experts so many ways. Sufferer have to shoulder so many at a time. One expert anesthetist opines we need to hire physiotherapist for three month and need several medicine.

I will request you to form an investigation/research team to learn and find the way out of these sorts of danger. In the same time I will request you arrange compensation amount that support our family
 Hiring Physiotherapist for three months
 Money for service provider to the patient
 As the house leader unable to do the household work we need to hire service provider and money for that
 Cost for other various incidental expenses that mutually agreed
 By this what we have taken physically and mentally I don’t know how you will share

Your/NHF treatment has given us enough pain, torture and sufferings. Please have mind to share here. We are poor family please help us rescue an undone family from the disaster that you have made. You all doctor and your institution rich enough to face the cost but we are not in that position. Arrange a press conference and handover the Cost Sharing check to my family. This honest action will boom the business of NHF as well name and fame.

By your honest initiative
 Doctor across the country will learn - for wrong doing they need/have to compensate.
 All institution will learn they cannot put excessive pressure on doctor to make money.
 Doctor will get chance to design their daily work properly that’s bearable for him/her.
 This compensation will teach the Health Business Individual and Institution they should be caring to the patient. In case of wrong it will incurred big loss.
 And Health Business Individual and Institution shall learn being responsible person they cannot claim to be irresponsible like the Truck drivers on the highway.

Looking for ward to hearing from you as early as your convenience.

Kindest regards

June 14. 06. 2017
The Managing Director
National Heart Foundation Hospital & Research Institute
Plot-7/2, Section-2, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

Dear Sir
Your endless silence will provoke me to think on your honesty, morality, sincerity, simplicity. Being a rational and renowned person and captain of renowned institution you must have courage to face any situation and try to uphold the justice. You cannot act like a corporate terror.


NB. Our appeal is clear enough please be sensible rescue an undone family from the disaster that created by your fault.
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Wish the meaningful & purposeful celebration of Independence Day of Bangladesh

Mrs. Tandra Sikder
Director General
Directorate of Nursing and Midwifery
Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207

Dear Madam
By this time you have realized the reality of Nursing in Bangladesh. To ensure Nurses’ & Nursing Development needs drastic action that demolish the Corruption Empire and annihilate the demons {(Mofiz, Nelofar, Ismath, Shirin) [Kamal-Nazma-Abulkhair-Mathiur-Haruna-Khanna-Minara-Siraj-Anawar-Shahidullah]} play, aimed at decrease the Vulnerability and increase the Capability, Capacity and Dignity of the nurses that Ensure National Development aimed at 2021 & 2041 as well as achieve the SDGs.

Middle class and lower class of nation ie people unable to afford private clinic, vigorously demand your time needed initiative that create a peaceful and dutiful mind among the nurses across the country. And this is utmost need to uphold the national growth and government reputation.


a. What was the initiative of Matron CMCH, Director CMCH, DNS and former DGNM for the salary of CMCH nurses? How all those authority such indifferent? What’s the role of those positions? Is it only fault finding and scolding? Do these administrators are just for admonishing? Is it only for facility enjoyment or designation bearing? Are those still in British regime? 3 months juniors are without salary - Isn’t it painful and shameful for those responsible people? Look at the comment of a sufferer (Amader prottek k 2200 tk Kore dite hoyeche....salary er jonno...). Who is answerable for this?

b. Were they busy with newly deployed nurses’ transfer business?

c. Who will compensate for salary delay tension, distress, sorrow, sobs among newly deployed nurses, that generated service hinder for the patient in CMCH? Just ponder your daughter/son in Florida, she/he is not getting salary and you are unable to provide fund she/he needs there. How you will feel? How the authority could be such a heartless?

d. Isn’t it funny that colleagues are in starvation, leader staging `standard observation’ drama? Did they submit last month visit report? Is it circulated for all concerned? If not, was it a pleasure trip? How they can justify their TA & DA for the trip? These responsible people shouldn’t act like a junior nurse in a hospital ward. DNS cannot end her daily job just putting a signature on a attendance register. Will they submit the visit report to the authority and all concerned for their current visit?

e. Acting DNS visited Chittagong Nursing College (CNC) – Is it really for the development or creating chaos? What are the indicators and purpose of this `standard observation’? Is it for Teacher quality, Student quality, Teaching method, Class room, Premises etc – what’s that? What’s the benchmark for standard observation? Is it served earlier to all concerned?
DNS was in CNC nearly one month back. What about her last visit report? Is it submitted to the authority and visited place’s concerned? If not, why this another visit? Isn’t it waste of time, money and resources? Isn’t it designed for only TA, DA & Gift collection?

How the Poster (attached) in the name of Chittagong Nursing College? Did DNS served any query to the principal of CNC? Isn’t it enough to be defined the role is Destroyer of Nursing Services (DNS)?

f. Observer stated - during the visit DNS throwing cranky question to some teacher regarding their passing institution - Mohakhali Nursing College (MNC) or Bangladesh Open University (BOU). Is she suffering of inferiority complex? Is she doubtful about her own educational qualification? What was her home task regarding visit/trip place? Why she didn’t go through the PDS of all teachers of CNC? Do the standard observer aware about own standard regarding their performance?

Why she tries to prove that MNC education is better than BOU? Is there any assessment or evaluation report? Who, when, where, how performed it? Is it circulated for all? What’s the indicator to consider MNC education is better than BOU? Does she possess authority & quality to declare someone greater or lesser without proper judgment? Isn’t it for creating chaos among the colleagues? Could it be defined as responsible performance?

Is she still in a Minara Khanam BOU graduate phobia, her competitor in the race of DNS chair? Is she in a dreadfulness regarding realization of her invested amount to be the DNS? Is she too much upset, disturbed about her remittance as DNS? Is she needs psychotherapy?

Do the DNS known about the MNC graduates’ performance in CNC? There was a session jot and agitate students attacked principal and teachers and it became yearlong practice. Total college was in coma. To rescue the college and MNC graduate - BOU graduate deployed here as teacher. Having a desired position by the initiative of BOU graduate Minara Khanam deployed as principal and she completed her tenure peacefully. Isn’t it desired that person in authority position needed to be learned regarding past?

g. Pakistani Army brutally committed genocide on unarmed civilian Bangali in the name of "Operation Searchlight" Presently local Crook, Criminal, Culprit, Corrupt doing the same in the name of office rules and regulation, in the name of development, standard observation etc, etc – national development demands the annihilation of those demons.
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