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new york gatherings
In New York, my
goodness! these days, but always these days... Right now, at the end of March, although I admit it sounds
like April Fool's Day, a film project is having actors walk around   lower New York with mirrors as large cubes on
their head. Alas,   ...

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snow and projects!
How lovely to be inside with snow outside, and getting back to thinking about my current project: Modernist Gatherings: art and text, with 35 places I am now thinking about: art and writers' colonies and occasional meetings or then repeated ones, and today ...

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Oh my gosh I refond r\Rory Stewart, absolutely héroïcomiques and what a faire, see him in New York Review best of the scots!!! bikes, miles, aventures, has wit, and that smile! my father was always called Rory, like this! aventurers one and all I tried to w...

Still excited about writing on artists' and writers' colonies called for the moment modernist Gatherings :: tables and moments
And more surrealist stuff

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and so Matthew, head guy, front man, of Nada Surf , and my very own beloved son, is for the moment  in Brooklyn with Emily Bidwell, his lovely and adored-by-us-all wife, waiting for a work visa, so she can work at ETSY in the UK, because Matthew is at the m...

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Piers 92 and 94
My and everyone's goodness!, the Art Show on the  piers! this was pier 92 and pier 94, and enormous in every way! So I went with Michele Cone, friend from always, also went to Bryn Mawr, also writes on art, but she is a réal art historian, and I a happy int...

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new york news
about to post what I wrote for the Oxford Magazine, assuming that is ok, no one who reads this would read that, methinks Funny thing: when you
retire, exactly what everyone had been telling me would happen, happens. Now it
is not really that I don't believe...

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So exciting, scary, and réal, yes, réal! never mind that they (who ever is they?) are or is putting an accent over my e in everything I wirte, seems odd, because I DO write in English also.. but the (get back to exciting) thing is this now started project o...

just saw the Wonderful show at the Grey Gallery, Inventing Downtown, about art galleries non-commercial etc., worth getting to 

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ah, perhaps I will gird my loins and WRITE but have to swim and then go see the Réversible Destiny Foundation (I loved Arakawa and Madeline Gins) and then a birthday, and the days go like that, very fortunately
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