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AppCall Cloud (Android lead management system with Simple CRM)
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don't miss your clients calls at any moment, We know in today's challenging environment every client call is important, monitor all your sales calls easily with appcall cloud, get complete records of your employees sales calls activities, along with all call recordings in your screen straight from their android mobiles.
Now also enjoy AppCall Miss Call Alert Service with your Appcall account. every call hold a great potential to get you sales and increase your sales volume and overall revenue too. so lets move to the new era of mobile telecommunication with AppCall Cloud.

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Why the Need Arise for APPCALL Cloud Center
(Lead management system with simple CRM)
- It’s a challenge for every manager to know what is happening with sales activities, what communication is going between your team and the clients, whom they calling, what discussion is going on, is client is interested or not, how many calls they are receiving or calling, how much is the conversion ratio, where is the client in the sales cycle, where the staff are lacking to convert the sales, and to take appropriate actions against it, but it is only possible when you have the power of all the information and stats of your sales activities.
Here I like to introduce the AppCall Cloud Center which is especially developed to keep all the challenges in mind, with futuristic approach, with AppCall you can get all the data of your staff sale calls in front of you in your control panel, see all the stats here. AppCall give you complete details of incoming and outgoing sales calls from your staff’s mobile devices itself.
Another best feature it includes is the Mobile Auto Dialer, so one need to add the data to the system and then let appcall to automatically dial the numbers from your staff mobile devices. It really save lots of valuable time and will increase the productivity of your staff.
AppCall have another tool is for the call backs to give reminder to user about important call backs, meetings, follow ups, hence one could not miss any important meeting which lead to add more sales or revenue to your company.
Overall I like to say it is the complete lead management system with simple CRM you have in your pocket, get stats, and complete analytics to manage your sales and promotions campaigns which will make your sales process easy and understandable will give you power to improve your sales process and in the end add up the productivity of your employees and profits to your company.
Being Ls Multiple System team, we offer great support to every appcall user, we invite all the entrepreneurs to have appcall in your android mobiles and start using this great app and we are very eager to listen from you about the feedback of your experience.
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APPCALL Cloud Center
AppCall is the cloud call center solution, developed to support all organization using tele-calling. AppCall will manage all your day –to –day calling data. AppCall will work as a Productivity App and help your staff to work in more managed way which leads to generate more revenue.

Let's explain the Benefits
1. Monitor Calls: AppCall will keep all the records of Inbound and Outbound calls, which will help you to market your business.
2. Record & Sync: It will keep all the records of Inbound and outbound calls, which will help you to market your business, affordably and effectively.
3. Locate Your Team: AppCall location tracker help you to monitor field activities of the staff.
4. Auto Dialer: AppCall will automatically Transfer and Dial calls from different employees’ mobile.
5. Task driven: Task against the call logs will be displayed in calendar. It gives all follow ups reminder alerts to follow.
6. Live Chat Module: App call offer live chat module with your website, which will be connected to your mobile directly, so you can be connected live 24*7 with your website live chat module.
AppCall will help you to empower your staff, and provide effort Based Reports on sales conversions. AppCall will Easily Manage the Workload in Quality Manner.

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Lets move to the new era of mobile communication with AppCall Cloud Center. We as LS Multiple Networks team is very proud to launch our one more excellence product of cloud telephony, lets not do just call now do appcall. Appcall is an mobile app, which will now completely redefine the Call Center concept. As appcall technology put complete call center solution to your pocket.

Now monitor sales or client calls directly from the mobile devices, get complete analytic reports on real time basis, let appcall to start giving calls from your mobile devices automatically with mobile auto dialer, never miss any schedule follow ups, call backs or meetings, get last conversation details of your client, before you pic his call, and many more. Appcall technology is really a boom to the cloud telephony.

I recommend AppCall to all the businesses whether small or large, who does calls or receive calls for sales or sales support for his product and services, because in today’s challenging market place every customer is important.

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