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martin Dardis
An Irishman with a passion for ballads and folk music
An Irishman with a passion for ballads and folk music

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Getting Help From Musicians On Facebook
From time to time I ask for a little help on my Facebook page for notes to songs I'm not familiar with. My facebook page has over 5,000 followers and I'd guess most are musicians of some some degree of proficiency. Generally I get no help with my requests f...

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Gaelic Storm - Lover´s Wreck Guitar Chords
Gaelic Storm Play This Song In The Key Of Fm [Em]A hundred days at sea, a[D] wretch away from misery [C]Rummies and rats and tarry jacks, my [D]only fami[Em]ly The island of salvation is [D]still a scream away, As the [Em]lungs of the night blow [A]out the ...

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About The Tin Whistle Book
Here's some useful information regarding the tin whistle book that's for sale on my website. The book is a collection of over one hundred mostly folk songs that are very popular in Ireland and around the world. They are all songs as opposed to traditional t...

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The New Martin Dardis Website
My website has now got a new name. The new site is . It still has all the songs the old site had it's just being brought up to date. Irish Folk Songs

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I have always had a liking for Beatles. There was no point putting their lyrics and chords on the site as these were covered by other sites. I done the next best thing in adding a few tin whistle tunes for some of their songs. Today's song is Yellow Submarine which is pretty easy to play along with. The letter notes are included, here's the link 

I got a request for the whistle notes to a pop song recently, and I never even heard of the group but they seem very popular. It's a song called One Thing by One Direction, well after I put the whistle notes to it it took off big time. I didn't know there was a demand for for this kind of music on the whistle,,it just goes to show what I know when it comes to modern pop songs. I have always said that the humble tin whistle should not be restricted to old folk songs and low and behold some other think likewise.

I've been very busy with the site lately. I added many pieces of mandolin sheets and am still updating the tin whistle sheets to make them more user friendly, as some were in keys that are difficult to play in. I have about 50 done so far. I also managed to transcribe the whole of the sheet music to the Irish national anthem in whistle form. This is the very first time it has been composed for the whistle. There's still much work to do on the sheet music section but it takes a lot of time.

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Starting today I'll be putting the Piano keyboard / accordion notes along with a video on how to play along with each song on my site. I have had hundreds of requests for the notes of these songs and how to play them. Here's a link to the first one which is Sean South From Garryowen. I hope this helps those who are learning Irish music and encourages more to take up an instrument.

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The Old House song by John McDermott which includes the sheet music.
The Old House written by Sir Frederick O¹Connor is a recollection of his childhood at Baltrasna House, near Oldcastle Co. Meath. Originally recorded by the great Irish singer John McCormack.  it was part of John McCormack’s repertoire and he even sung it at his farewell concert at the Royal Albert Hall. 

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I'm putting together a sort of top ten favorite Irish folk singers of all time and would like your input. Just follow the link and fill in the form to vote for your top folkies 
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