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Algin Strickland
Normal is what people are until you get to know them.
Normal is what people are until you get to know them.

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I wonder how this will affect the 48hr Film Project... I always hope these things mean more work for me...

Still have no idea what elevated calcium means...

Anybody else notice how the press has been emphasizing the faith of murder victim Nabra Hassanen, while ignoring something about her murderer, Darwin Martinez Torres?

My father drank himself to death in 1999.
The other day, my sister cropped me out of a picture of him for fathers' day...

RIP Stephen Furst

RIP Ed Mugford

Not sure what to make of this; I just heard voters in Puerto Rico just voted 97% for U.S. Statehood, but only 23% of voters showed up to vote...

Primaries on Tuesday. The ads have been an endless, vulgar, disgusting parade of pots calling kettles fat! >:(

RIP Adam West

Aint it funny how Obama got caught doing the same thing Nixon did, only this time, they're trying to blame the victim, because this time, things happened to go the other way...
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