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HeroQuest with the kids last night. On the north side of the tula, where nothing ever happens, we adventurers met Rictus Piercefeather, servant of Hueymakt, and Fauna Pintail, acolyte of the Earth Mother. Ducks. Carrying a clutch of seven eggs. And under…
HeroQuest with the kids last night. On the north side of the tula, where nothing ever happens, we adventurers met Rictus Piercefeather, servant of Hueymakt, and Fauna Pintail, acolyte of the Earth ...
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David Butler

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I’ve just read Tolkien’s recently-published story The Children of Húrin. I don’t have a lot to say about it: in tone and voice, it’s somewhere between The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings, so if you liked The Silmarillion you may like this one, and…
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David Butler

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“[O]nce upon a time (my crest has long since fallen) I had a mind to make a body of more or less connected legend, ranging from the large and cosmogonic, to the level of romantic fairy-story — the larger founded on the lesser on contact with the earth,…
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David Butler

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Took the kids out last night. We drove out west of Delta, into a big valley flat as a skillet, and parked in a gravel lot beside the highway. In the two hours and more we were there, I think only a dozen cars passed us. We didn’t quite make it to dark…
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David Butler

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I GMed a roleplaying game yesterday, for the first time in almost twenty years. I used to do this all the time — from sixth grade through my undergraduate education, with a two-year timeout for other things, my principal socialization was roleplaying…
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Wow, Glorantha. Collected material for that over the years but never played. Your AP post is cool. Have you seen this: ? Some people see a rare single malt or a fancy pair of shoes or a piece of new tech and get twitchy about "luxury impulse buys." I see stuff like this and have to restrain myself.
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David Butler

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I’m a big proponent of self-driven learning. For a writer, I think that’s essential. So here are some of the non-fiction books I’ve read in the last couple of months. Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography. I had never heard of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz until…
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David Butler

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Felix Gomez is ex-military, a hard-nosed PI who operates on the borderlands between the natural and supernatural worlds, among Anglo and Mexican and Native American traditions, and sometimes between different planets. And he’s a vampire. Felix’s friend…
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David Butler

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Michael Shipman is crazy. That doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Michael suffers from schizophrenia, and he knows that when the meds aren’t working, he hallucinates. He may or may not see people without faces, people others can’t see, or whom others see as normal.…
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It's seems to be a very indecisive way to live. 
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David Butler

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Stories orient us to the universe and to other people, and without them we’re adrift. I know not everyone likes the idea of a Western Canon, or a canon at all, but a set of texts we all know and agree are foundational provides us a shared language and…
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David Butler

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This is the first Sarah Hoyt I’ve read, though we’ve been in contact through social media for a while. But I met Sarah in person at the WordFire Press booth at Denver Comic Con this year, and bought a copy of Darkship Thieves. This week, I got to read it.…
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David Butler

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College student Dani Hashelheim doesn’t want to be a wizard, much less a supernaturally-skilled janitor, burdened with defending civilization against the incursion of blot-hounds and other Scum in the service of Corruption. Unfortunately for her, Dani is…
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