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Paul Schaefer
I draw. I read.
I draw. I read.

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A very thorough review of Advanced Fighting Fantasy.

Has anyone read the D20 adaptions of the Fighting Fantasy stuff?
Were they any good?
I imagine they would be fairly easy to adapt to AFF 2.

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For some reason I can't share this directly, but here's a link to a cool picture found by +Chris Kutalik

So I missed the kickstarter for the space adventures game. Is there any news on when it will be released? I want to make sure I get it it, I know it will probably sell out.

Received Ace Agents and Ace Supers from +Gilbert Isla in great condition at a great price.

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I bought a hard copy of the book, and so I don't have a pdf.
Is there a character sheet, official or otherwise, somewhere I can print out on real paper and hold in my real hands and fill out with a real pencil? For real?

Hello all. I just recently found out about AFF, and bought a copy of Dungeoneers. It looked so good I tracked down a copy of 2nd edition,which I am still waiting for. I plan on reading throught the posts in the community to see all the interesting ideas.
Has anyone made any science fiction adaptions of AFF2?

Another question:
How do you determine how many powers a Mentalist knows?
We are told how many per day.
is it 1d3, like the sorcerer?

Reading through the Cypher System Rulebook, and I like it so far.
Just a couple questions for the community:
1. I see a few references to "rapid fire weapons" but cannot find the rule. Anyone know what page that's on?
2. On pages 19 and 223 character advancement is described slightly differently. Anyone know which is correct, either from an errata or maybe Numenera or the Strange?
Thank you.
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