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Paul Schaefer
I draw. I read.
I draw. I read.

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Hello all. I created this group a few years ago, and this whole time I didn't realize that I had to moderate or approve posts.
If you have tried to post something and it just disappeared, I apologize. It's totally my fault.
Hopefully I will be checking up here more often. I really want to write and draw some gaming stuff, and of course play more as well.
Always keep fresh batteries for your rad-detector and game on!

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Bug thing. Ink and water color.
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Inks on a new type of Mind Flayer-ish monster. Next step: water colors. Should be intetesting.
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So the first edition of Star Wars D20 had conversion notes to port from D6.
Has anyone tried random stat determination and used the aliens from Aliens of the Galaxy D20? I've been thinking about trying it, but would have to either use the existing templates or come up with some other way of choosing skills, possibly using guidelines for creating a template.

Any word on the leather bound edition of Stellar Adventures? Didn't see anything on the kickstarter page yet.

Has anyone heard anything on the status of the leather edition of Stellar Adventures for backers? I checked the Kickstarter page but it hasn't been updated for awhile/

A question that has bugged me since first reading the 3BB: If all or most weapons do 1d6 damage, who cares if a Magic User uses something other than a staff?
Okay, so here's an idea. Please tell me what you think.
All weapon damage is still based on d6 rolls.

Clerics roll 2d6 and take the highest for two-handed weapons.

Magic Users roll 2d6 and take the lowest roll for two handed weapons.

Fighters roll 2d6 and take the high roll for most weapons, or 3d6 and take the highest for two-handed weapons.

Please comment on this or any other methods you may have used. Thanks.

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Everyone please check out this official D&D survey and please write in GAMMA WORLD in every space you can.
Maybe they will take notice and realize this game is popular enough to get a new edition, new material, possibly compatible with 5th Edition D&D.

Stellar Adventures.
I backed the Kickstarter privately with +Graham Bottley, so I can't see the latest update on the Kickstarter page, as it's for backers on there only I guess.

Is there any word on the leather edition, or is that still in work?
Also, how can I go about getting the free adventure that is being developed?

And furthermore also, Graham, I can't log onto the Arion games forums. I forgot my password or something. Is there someone I can contact about that?
Thank you in advance.
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