An early version of my glassware is ready for primetime.
What is GlassFit™?
A virtual fitness guide or coach for Google Glass. Let's answer this also by first saying what Glassfit™ aims to become. The goal here is to give you a virtual personal fitness coach who appears only when you need it, and presents you a personalized guide to work you through your fitness activity of choice. Your personalized guide will be immersive, with video instructions giving you detailed tutorials before you begin your customized workout.  This means anything from Yoga, Crossfit WOD's, trail running even Zumba -- basically anything that keeps you active and worth building based on your feedback. In the future you will be able to customize and schedule your own workouts and even have your Google Glass device remind you its time to sweat a when you are near the gym. Your interest and feedback will be invaluable as we plan the path of what GlassFit™ can become.

Sensors: Google Glass has a few of its own that I plan on taking full advantage of someday like GPS (network/passive), Accelerometers and Gyroscopes, Bluetooth. What's more exciting is that I'm not limited to Google Glass capabilities. GlassFit™ will soon be able to talk to your Fitbit your heart-rate band to give you bits of information relevant to the activity you are engaged in. If theres a wearable device that allows me to tap into its useful information, its probably going to get looked at.

Today's Version
GlassFit™ is the first of its kind, Google Glass will be soon launching for the public  so I chose to build this piece of glassware not only because fitness is a passion of mine, but also because I wanted to push the limits of Google's technologies. I also find it difficult reaching for my phone while doing Russian twists or pull ups. At the launch of this pre-beta version, GlassFit™ tries its best to adhere to a few guidelines to give you the best experience:
Keep it simple. Right now the flow is very simple, you login with your Google account at glassfit.org and you are sent a welcome card. Some other tips:
  * You can pin this card to your timeline for easy access.
  * Be sure to stretch first,  
  * Choose your level of difficulty,

Unobtrusive and hands free. Designed to give you a heads up for current and upcoming workout. Once you start working out, the screen goes dark until a ding in your ear notifies you to lookup and note the next workout in the queue. Some tips:
  * Listen for the audio queues, 
  * Look up when you hear an audio queue for the next workout to trigger the screen (also allows you to use glassfit hands free)

Timely. Nothing is worse than having to reach for your phone or notepad to figure out what to do next. Giving that you want to get in and get out with your workout, each workout is timed with the ability for you to cancel the workout altogether.

Sharing. Being able to brag about that hike you took on your social network of choice gives you that motivational feedback loop that gets you out there again the next day. I know I'm not the only one. Being able to share your progress and achievements is built into this glassware.

→ *Out of the way.* The worst thing about cell phone apps is when the app constantly spams your notification system. As you can imagine that can get exponentially worse so GlassFit is designed to get out of the way when you don't need it and only shows up when you do.

What does it look like?
Now that I have a minimum viable product out there, I plan on working on improving www.glassfit.org in tandem to evolving this piece of glassware.  I understand that Google Glass is limited to a few "Glass Explorers" so if you happen to know one, certainly have them give you a look. In the coming weeks keep an eye both our online and +GlassFit™  presence (links below) to get a better look at the product.

This is the pre-workout stretch, this is just the beginning.
Thank you for trying it out.

Feedback form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ybLiIciuZb5DhILLtaxM7Jdb9zuaYN8GAHcgf2fmE70/viewform
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