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A little drawing app for Android
A little drawing app for Android

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This is amazing and beautiful! Thanks for sharing, +EB Leung!
Drawing of Adam Gontier done in the +Markers  app. #galaxynote10 #drawing  

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Happy new year! Markers 1.2.2 is out.

Fixes a handful of crashing bugs on Froyo and Eclair devices (sorry about that!) as well as some awkward tool placement on some devices.

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very excite
   such reshare

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Version 1.2 of Markers is out, with zoom support!

You might have already gotten the update since I pushed the final build last night. If not, click the link below to install.

New features include:

PAN AND ZOOM — By far the #1 most requested Markers feature! Tap the hand tool to switch into zoom mode; use one finger to scroll and two to zoom.</li>
ADJUSTABLE BRUSH SIZE — Longpress a brush and drag to adjust the minimum and maximum widths.</li>
KITKAT IMMERSIVE MODE — When you tap the Markers icon to hide the palettes, the status and navigation bars hide along with it, and you can use the entire screen to draw. Tap the icon to show everything again.

Please report problems at or contact

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Some users have reported that the Nexus 7 occasionally reports high pressure values briefly, causing very broad “drips” along an otherwise uniform thin line. While I'd like to say that this is some sort of highly realistic leaky-fountain-pen simulation, it does seem that this is a problem with that device. Workaround: press the "undo" arrow and re-draw the stroke.

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Just pushed to the Play Store: Markers 1.1, with some long-awaited features:

  ❥  You can now set the background color! Press and hold on a color in the palette to choose an opaque background, and long-press the checkerboard to go back to transparent.
  ❥  10 undo steps.
  ❥  Retains color & tool selections between launches.
  ❥  Much smoother and more responsive on devices with large displays (such as Nexus 10).

The source has been updated too:

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Bugdroid on the line.
Made this with +Markers , a Nexus 7, and my left index finger while listening to +Android Central podcasts.

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Great list featuring popular apps as well as lesser known ones, like SeriesGuide, Mantano, JustReader, mVideoPlayer, AntTek Explorer, iFood Assistant, Markers, n7player and a lot more.
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