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Book review - "Boom Town" by Glenn Rolfe
If writing is an art form, then the various types of format
represent the different types of canvas upon which an artist can paint their
story.   One of the most challenging types
is the novella.   With a novel, the author
has the opportunity to really expl...

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Book Review - "Island of the Forbidden" by Hunter Shea
me begin with a little confession.   While
I love everything I have read by Hunter Shea, I only first read one of his
books less than a year ago.   Given the
extremely limited time I have to read things that are not in the form of a
textbook, I have not...

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Déjà vu Writing - A Guest Post by Russell R. James for the "Dreamwalker" Tour
This time around, my novel creeped me out. When I wrote Dreamwalker , I wanted to set it in a location that emphasized the
duality that the main character, Pete Holm, lives in. I’d read about Atlantic
City and how the promise of casinos hadn’t created the p...

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Raffle extended!
The Rafflecopter giveaway has been extended through December 31.  If you have not entered already, make sure you don't miss your chance.  Signed copies of The Things in the Darkness and a signed Office Case script from Scarewaves are up for grabs!  https:...

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"Undying Love" – A short review of a short by writer/director Joe Kidd
Short films can be a very tricky thing.   There is a fine line between too much and too
little.   A story must be told in a quick
manner.   Budgets are usually smaller and
schedules are tighter making the filming even more difficult.   When one is done righ...

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Book Review - "The Dark Servant" by Matt Manochio
Growing up,
I was always fascinated by obscure mythology.   Of course, when you are a child, obscure means anything that is not
directly part of your culture.   In the
case of The Dark Servant by Matt
Manochio, the Germanic legend of the Krampus is brought ...

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Who is visiting you this Christmas?
you been naughty or nice? Will you be visited by Santa or The Krampus?
Tune in later today as The Rage Circus joins the virtual tour for Matt
Manochio's "The Dark Servant."

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"The Things in the Darkness" blog tour continues with Creating Serenity's Horrifying Mondays
Check out the next stop on virtual tour for The Things in the Darkness.   Creating Serenity gives their take on the book: You can get your copy in paperback or Kindle v...

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Wag The Fox spreads the darkness!
Check out the latest stop on the virtual tour.  Wag The Fox shares an excerpt from The Things in the Darkness. Need more of The Things in the Darkness virtual tour?  Check out the rest of the stops: TOUR STOPS Oct. 29, 20...

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Ok, so I'm a day behind because of some craziness in my personal life, but here is the latest stop on the virtual tour for The Things in the Darkness ! Check out the rest of the tour and enter some great conte...
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