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E. Jane Mundy

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At the Farmers Market with Noah and Lilly

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Kay Ebling downtown Hollywood California                                                                            Kay Ebeling California,
U.S.A. I
had a baby when I was forty years old; up till then I had a bizarre and unusual
life.  Having a baby gave me...

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Dunsmore Mariann Dunsmore in Collingwood at her studio/apartment Toronto, Ontario I’m one of five girls, born
into an Irish Catholic family.  I came from a stable home, no divorce, and no
trauma or addictions issues.  We followed
the church calendar...

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Anne MacLean (Ann Diamond) Montreal, Quebec
Anne MacLean on the grounds of the Allen Memorial Institute, Montreal   In
2002 when I began researching my childhood for the book that would become My
Cold War, I had no inkling that I was a kid in the MKULTRA 1 program,
but I did have memories of some eve...
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