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One of the healthiest things most people can do for themselves is to drink more water throughout the day. Despite this simple tool to better health, we frequently hear people proclaim, "Ugghh, I can't stand the taste of water."

Here are some helpful hints to drinking more:

1. Place a full pitcher of water on the counter with a chopped up lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber. Allow it to sit overnight to infuse the water with a light, all-natural flavor.

2. Carry a water bottle or container with you. Simply having the fluid readily accessible will increase your fluid consumption.

3. Refrigerating your water can sometimes leech orders from the surrounding food into the water pitcher. Leave your water container on the counter at room temperature.

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An interesting link was found last year between refined table salt and triggering autoimmune disease.  Read more in the article below.

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Doris and I will be exhibitors at this event in January.  Learn more about complementary medicine practices, such as, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  More information is available at

Doris, and I, are working on expanding our business presence on social media outlets.  We hope to begin providing new articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture therapy in the near future.  Please check back with us soon.
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