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Open-Source Contributor , Ubuntu Member .
Open-Source Contributor , Ubuntu Member .


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Prefork Multi Processing Module for Apache
MPM stands for Multi Processing Module and this module implements a non-threaded pre-forking web server. MPM isolate each request , so single request wont effect any other request. MaxRequestWorkers is proportional to Physical RAM. More value more requests ...

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List of virtual adapters your Virtual Linux can access
Hello , Its me again Raja and this time I came up with one more new post. I have been through interesting problem. As many of you know Virtual Box , sometimes even though we enable new adapter and configured IP in conf file it wont comes up. Everything seem...

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Linux : full path of a file
Hello , Sometimes we need to have full or absolute path of file. And most of the times we used to pwd + filename manually. But with google search I came across a command named as readlink. readlink -f filename.txt that will print complete path of filename a...

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Install R Programming Language in Ubuntu
This post describe about installation steps for R- Programming Language.  For Windows we have direct exe file but for Linux its in a single click way but you can still do it below commands easily. Open your terminal and type below commands as root user. ech...

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Is youtube down in India ?

#YouTube   #Google   #india  

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JVMMON help commands
Hello , jvmmon is an excellent tool for JBOSS administrators and please find below list of commands for jvmmon  Print commands: ________________________   print arenastat                             - Prints brief arena statistics   print arenastat full  ...

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Python Object reference well explained with list
Assume you have a list and you want to make exact copy of the list. What command you will use in python to copy a list from another list. I used List1=List2 and List1 got copied as exactly as List2 but what happen internally is they have shared command obje...

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How to get full application propery reports by using jvmmon ?
Hello , Let come straight to the point. If you want to see right now with what properties your Jboss application servers are running , Please type jvmmon and choose current PID of your JBOSS process. Then type print system properties It will flood your stdo...

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Suspended Jobs vs Running jobs in Linux
Background Job : A job which is running background in the same shell. You can use bg command to see any background jobs. Foreground job : A Job which is running in the same shell right before your eyes. Suspended Job : Its a stopped/pause job but you can re...

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Deny SSH access to particular users
We all know SSH is very famous and the best service for remote access. Today I am going to tell you how to block or allow only particular users or group from SSH access. open sshd_config file as per your environment in Debian vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config Then a...
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