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We are currently working on Appsessment 2.5 Update which introduces "Push Notifications" in Mobiles and Tablets. This is a very helpful feature for both Educators as well as Parents since you will be able to receive notification alerts and updates directly through your Mobile App and no need to be logged in or wait for emails. Stay tuned for this update in the coming weeks.
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Invite Multiple Educators To Join Your Centre App

For centres with multiple Educator's when you create an App, you invite Educators to join your centre's App. Each Educator will have their own login access. The Owner can view and monitor everything that each educator does as and when it happens, assign permissions for each educator depending on how much freedom you want them to have when using your App, limit educator access only to the children and parent in their rooms, etc.

To invite an Educator - Invite Educators setting is found under Settings in the sidebar of the App:

1) To invite educators, just enter their name, their contact email address, their role and their rooms if application.

2) When you send an invitation to the educators, the educator will receive an invitation code by email that they can use to join your App.

Each educator will access the App using their individual account. You can invite as many educators as you need and the subscription charges will be effective from the date of the invitation.

Educators will have their own profile and Appsessment automatically maintains their profile for you. This will help the owner and the administrators to keep track of all of their activities, documentation created by them, educator comments and more.
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Appsessment 2.4 - Search and Filters

Appsessment version 2.4 is now released and this update has improvements to the Search and Filters. Here is the list of changes included in this version:

1. Templates Search and Sorting options.

2. Documentation Advanced Search based on specific Outcomes or Framework.

3. Documentation Search based on Educators.

4. Documentation Search based on Creation Date, Publish Date, Last Edit Date.

5. Generate Reports based on Educators.

6. Fix to Search Filters in Children, Parents and Educators Pages.

7. Other Fixes and minor changes.

For more details, please read:
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Choose 6 Approved Frameworks When Documenting Children's Learning

Appsessment has 6 Approved Frameworks that are included in all Templates (both default and create your own Templates).

You can enable the frameworks you want to use and disable the ones you don't need. The 6 frameworks included in the App are:

EYLF - Early Years Learning Framework
MTOP - My Time Our Place Framework
QKLG - Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines Framework
VEYLD - Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework
NQS - National Quality Standard
INDICATORS - Numeracy Indicators and Literacy Indicators

When choosing Frameworks it's as simple as clicking on the outcomes that you would like to use which then automatically links to your documentation. Simple and Easy!
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Appsessment 2.3 Released - Create Custom Roles and Permissions for Educators

Appsessment has been updated to version 2.3 and the latest update includes the following features:

- Create Custom Roles and Permissions

- New Permission Settings

- Improved Notification System

- Send Group Private Messages Individually

- Educator-Only Documentation changes

- Improved Parent Profile Activities

- Documentation Permission Checks and Listing

- Duplicate Parent Forms and Parent Reminders

- Optimised Children, Parents and Educators Pages

- Updated Mobile App's Photo Upload Feature

Read the following link for further information:
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Use Appsessment To Create, Edit, Customise Your Own Documentation For Children's Learning

Appsessment comes preloaded with 16 Default Templates e.g. Daily Diary, Learning Story, Observation, Weekly Curriculum Plans, Photo Observations, QIP, Injury/Incident Record and more. These Templates help you get started straight away in documenting children's learning. The Default Templates comes with built-in form fields which quickly enables you to document learning.

You also have the option of Creating Templates. When you Create a Template you are given a selection of Unique Fields and Standard Fields. The Unique fields are predefined form fields with headings and hint text already available. Standard fields are basic field structure where you can create your own field. You can also rearrange the order of your headings and more!

Once the template is created, it will be listed under the Custom Templates in the Templates page, which you then can begin using. All educators in your App will be able to use that template to create their documentation.

All templates will automatically include the ability to add Photos, add Videos, Upload Files, Choose Framework, Link Children / Parents, Link Documentation and add Category Tags.

When creating Templates, you are not limited to documentation alone. You can create any forms you need for your centre such as Behaviour Management Plans, Child Reports, Photo Observations, Work Samples, Centre Newsletters, Jottings, Time Samples, Child Daily Records, Fire Drill Records, Menu Plans, etc. The scope is limitless!!
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We will be releasing Appsessment 2.3 by the end of this month and this update will include features to create your own custom roles and permissions to assign to educators as well as new permission settings that allows services to expand and control each educator's level of access exactly the way they want. Stay tuned for further updates.
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In Appsessment Upload Videos To Your Documentation To Share With Parents

Appsessment supports Video uploads in your Documentation and you can upload videos in 8 different formats with a file size of 300MB or less. Regardless of format, all videos will be displayed at the correct aspect ratio.

Here is how simple it is to upload videos to your Documentation:

1) In the App Admin Panel, go to the Documentation Form page. You can upload videos to your documentation by clicking on the Videos tab, select your video from your device and wait for the uploading to complete.
2) After your video is uploaded, Appsessment will process your video that could take some time depending on the size and duration of your video. You can continue to work on your documentation and the video processing will take place in the background.
3) Once the processing is complete, the video can be viewed and played from the Documentation page or the Timeline.

You can upload unlimited videos in Appsessment overall, however, you can only upload up to 4 videos in 1 documentation.

Educators and Parents have a Video Gallery which enables them both to see and play Videos which have been uploaded to Documentation.
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Easily Keep Track of Outcomes Achieved By Each Individual Child

Learning outcomes help you to focus on what children can do as well as supports and guides individual learning programs for children. It provides goals or achievements which can be used to identify a child’s progression through any experience they are engaged in.

The Child Documentation Outcomes Report will list all outcomes achieved by the child which is linked to each document you had created.

Here is how simple it is to create the Report.

Step 1 - Got to Reports, from Admin Panel and select Child Documentation Outcomes Report.
Step 2 - Fill in the fields. Search.
Step 3 - All documentation will be listed along with the outcomes. Print to PDF.

This Report will help you to keep track of outcomes achieved by each individual child. It will assist you in understanding how a child is progressing through the outcomes. You can also choose outcomes from the EYLF, MTOP, QKLG Guidelines, Literacy Indicators and more!
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Category Tags - Used For Grouping, Searching and Managing All Your Documentation

Tags are essentially keywords that accurately represent your documentation. Tags will help you tremendously in grouping, easily searching and locating the documentation. A documentation can have multiple tags and tags will help you categorise and group the documentation based on their essence.

Appsessment will come with default category tags that you can use in your documentation. You can even create Custom Tags to use in your App, here's how:

1 - To create custom tags, go to the Category Tags link under the Settings menu in the sidebar of the Admin Panel.
2 - Type in the tag name inside the custom tag text box on that page and click on the Create button.
3 - You can even edit or delete your custom tags. Deleting the tags will not affect the documentation it is used in.

If you create Custom Templates in your Centre's App, you can add the default tags to your Template so when you create a document based on that template, the default tags are automatically populated.

Importance of Category Tags - Reports

Tags are important in Reports as they telling the App under what category the documentation falls under. Appsessment uses these tags to analyse and generate the report.

Tagging is simple and easy once you get used to it and it is a good habit to tag all documentation as you create them!
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