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Old white guy from the San Fernando Valley
Old white guy from the San Fernando Valley

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Appaerently +Comcast teaches their employees that even in the face of an obvious dangerous situation that the "letter of the law" is all that's required. It's OK when you lose the lawsuits you can just raise peoples rates. +Comcastcares +Consumerist +Jalopnik +Jason Torchinsky

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Very cool vintage documentary, based on the aircraft in use I'd estimate it was made in the late 1970s or very early 1980s.

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Great read, one reporters account of the experience of spending the night aboard the USS Iowa.

This author spent the night aboard and slept in crew bunks when her son's Cub Scout Pack participated in the "Camp Battleship" program.

It's worth noting that tomorrow night the ship will be hosting a special overnight program just for grown-ups.

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Saw this car parked on the street in West Hills the other day. It's a 99 Civic DX Hatchback. Now you may be asking what about this car is interesting enough that I even noticed this car let alone walked whole dozens of feet out of my way to look at and take pictures of.

Well at first glance it looks completely unmolested by any sort of tacky ricetastic crap that you will find on virtually every Civic of this vintage.

Second look shows the front bumper has two brackets set up so this vehicle can easily be towed behind another vehicle. Another tow hitch on the back with a receiver cover from an RV shop pretty much cements the theory that this car has spend much of it's life being flat towed behind a motorhome.

Further down the rabbit hole of speculation I can guess that the car was bought new by a middle aged couple who wanted something light, practical and reliable to tool around town in when they had their RV parked at various KOAs and other RV campgrounds all across this great nation.

The interior looked immaculate, the paint was in fair but not bad condition for a car that's almost 20 years old.

The car had 159,000 miles on it and they were asking $2600 for it. I honestly have no idea how that price is compared to other Civic hatches from that era but it sounded pretty reasonable.

Honestly if I had even a slight justification to I might buy this thing myself, but I already have too many cars including two hatchbacks so it would be insanity for me to buy this just because it's kinda neat.

Actually seems like it would be a great car for parents to buy for their teen driver, cheap and (should be) reliable, plenty of room, not too fast, practical, easy on gas, etc.

+Doug DeMuro +Jalopnik

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A fantastic tour of Turret #1 on USS Iowa (BB-61)

+Nate Graham +Rod Jobs 

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Here's a video from my news feed, about 30 minutes long, showing a special access tour of the +Battleship USS Iowa Museum. Goes into lots of areas that are not accessible to most visitors.

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Obviously many people are trying to blame the guy in front.

The guy in front had JUST PASSED the semi with the dashcam and there were cars coming up the onramp trying to merge.  It wasn't yet safe for him to get back into the right lane.

Also if we assume that the semi was driving 55 (typical speed limit for trucks) that means the passing guy was doing at least 65, not exactly speedy gonzales but not your typical left lane hogging behavior either.  Also I point out again he had just passed a semi.

Tailgater was driving with <1 carlength at at least 65MPH on a road with a decent amount of traffic.  Also doesn't help that he's in a truck with terrible handling characteristics.

Also the guy in front didn't "slam on his brakes"  There's no noticeable front end dip or other evidence of significant braking activity, that looks like a Ford Edge which has a 60-0 distance of just 120 feet so you'd know if he was really on the brakes.  It seems obvious that he just tapped the brakes to flash his brake lights to get the guy in back to back off.

Sure the guy in front probably should have just ignored the tailgater until he could safely get back over but I'd put the fault for this to maybe 5% with 95% of the fault to the tailgater.

tl;dr Dude reaped what he sowed.

+Benson Leung In the past you've mentioned how the USB Type C spec precludes a single connector that supports both USB Type C and QuickCharge 2.0+

Any comment on the recently announced +LG Electronics G5 which has a USB Type C connector and supports QC 3.0?

Also in your opinion is there any valid technical reason why the USB Type C spec writers (cough +Intel cough) chose to forbid the negotiated change of Vbus when communicating with a non USB Type C device or is it as it appears that they wrote the spec specifically to exclude QC 2.0+ for anti competitive (an attempt to stifle/discourage adoption of QC) reasons?

Additionally, if QC is violating the USB spec that means it always has been so this isn't really a USB Type C issue as any device that supports QC charging via a micro-USB connector is doing the same thing that LG is doing with the G5.

+LG USA Mobile +Android Police +Qualcomm 

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Long truck is long.

Picked up this 2001 F-150 over the weekend, needed an extra huge vehicle because Jordan doesn't fit in the drivers seat of any of our other vehicles.

It's in great shape for it's age but I'm not looking forward to keeping the (30 gallon!) tank full.  If gas prices go back above $4/gallon it will cost more than $120 to fill the tank (eek).

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Really +Toyota USA?  I was almost excited to learn that you were killing off the +Scion brand, not because I ever cared about Scion but because it meant that the GT86 would be (obviously) badged properly here in the U.S.

Now I learn that inexplicably you are keeping the (beyond) meaningless FR-S badge?  Why?

+David Aitchison 

via +Jalopnik 
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