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The Holocron 2.0
d20 Radio Network's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Podcast
d20 Radio Network's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Podcast

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Update 2.1 "Customization" is live!

Armor Dyes, Customization Stations, new hair styles and colors (including anime colors...."yay"....), and CATHAR!

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Most impressive!

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The Gree have returned!  A sign of how frequent the event will run, or back just to stick it to "the heart of the swarm"?

You decide!

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Coming soon in Game Update 1.7; Reputation.

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Bioware Announces SWTOR Game Update 1.7!


Adventure with other Level 50 players or journey alone to assist the Gree in their continual pursuit of information. Those who are brave enough to help the Gree will be rewarded for their service.

Events are available to Free-to-Play Players and Subscribers at no additional cost.  

•Explore Ilum's contested area in the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the mysterious purpose of the Gray Secant, an enormous ancient Gree starship.
•Get ready to face a powerful opponent that awaits you at the center of this ancient vessel.
•Earn exclusive Gree technology, including highly-advanced weapon and armor!
•Look for opportunities to join this recurring event throughout the rest of the year. More details to come!
•Check out an all new exciting way to level up your character.
•Advance through six ranks of increasing prestige: “Outsider”, "Newcomer", "Friend", "Hero", "Champion", and "Legend".
•Earn Reputation Points by completing missions for allies such as the Gree and the Voss, or for military divisions within the Republic and the Empire.
•Galactic Reputation is tied to your character’s Legacy, so enjoy earned Reputation Points and ranks across all characters in your Legacy!

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Here we go, folks; the first expansion to Star Wars the Old Republic is coming!

$19.99 for digital download.  Level cap to 55, new epic story with fully-voiced cinematic conversations, and the new planet; Makeb.

POSSIBLY introducing the Cathar as a playable species, we don't know yet.  Bioware says they'll be releasing new features over the coming months.

Subscribers get it for half-price and if anyone pre-orders by January 7th you get five days of early access.

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It's anniversary time, folks.  Yup, one year ago we were counting down the minutes to when we'd get that magical email stating we could now log into the game servers.  It's been a year of good times and bad, updates and bug issues, meeting new friends and saying goodbye to old ones.

Bio-Ware wants your  memories, stories, and screenshots.  So get out there and celebrate a great 365 days of Star Wars Online Gaming!

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Update 1.6 is here! 

New Warzone for you PVPers, and new Space Missions and gear for all you pilots out there.

Check it out!

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1.6 is live on the Public Test Server. 

Get out there and fly those level 50+ Heroic Space Missions, and test that Warzone!

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Last night DarthGM finished the HK-51 storyline and unlocked a new companion.  Quoth the Darth, "It just wasn't a KotOR game until I had this wiseguy in my party..."

We here at the "Holocron Remnant" encourage you to go out and get your own HK- droid, and then drop a million credits (or 350 cartel coins) to unlock him for an alt.  It's a million credits per alt, but it's another companion (which can be a HUGE deal during Chapter One...I'm looking at you, Imperial Agent...) that grants a +1 Crafting Critical and +5 mission efficency to any such crew skill he performs. 

Just remember that when you unlock him, his level 50 gear is unuseable and you'll have to completely re-equip him if you're not 50, so make a friend with a cyber-tech and get him geared out.

Here's a very good write up on HK-51's abilities by Dufly
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