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Starting in mid-May, our improved phrase and exact match keywords will match close variants, including misspellings, singular/plural forms, stemmings, accents, abbreviations and acronyms. Google’s organic search systems already detect and compensate for misspellings and close variants. We know users are happier when they get search results that reflect their intent and help them achieve their desired action, even if it’s not a precise match for what they’ve typed. So we’re extending this behavior to ads. Our early experiments looked at the impact on advertisers getting a third or more of their clicks from phrase or exact match. On average, the new matching behavior increased AdWords search clicks by 3%, with comparable CPCs. Keep in mind that results may vary by advertiser.

In addition, we'll be rolling out new controls in the coming weeks which will allow you to adjust your keyword matching options.

For more details on this launch, visit the Inside AdWords Blog.

ran my first 10k at oakland caribbean sounds race today! :)

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Naked Plates Have Found Their Mates! (my friend's project on kickstarter)

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Excited to be going to Europe's oldest vegetarian restaurant tonight! :)

filing an idf for an idea that uses idf (inverse document frequency)....

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created by my old quant group at google: Search Ads Pause congrats guys!

qq: do we need to dress up for wedding rehearsal?

ur usual attire is perfect: sweat pants and tshirt w math on it


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really cool infographic on tech companies and how they are related to each other: +Elad Gil +Othman Laraki
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