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Denise Hudson
singer. songwriter. poet. alien. ms.creant.
singer. songwriter. poet. alien. ms.creant.
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I have created content here, some. Mostly to no avail. I posted a link to my "normal" (stop laughing) G+ personal page and the Circle is now complete I guess. That, my froglings, is how we do professionalism here at the Google+.

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1. I have made things.
2. Here is a video, somewhere floating in this post...
3. also, I wrote a blog that's funny. I also put it up on the space'book. so sorry if you are reading it lots. i wrote an introduction about that twice and I'm not going to do it again. I really should though. Dang. Now y'all are making me feel guilty. But I had to do dictionary work in school and it was hard. You'll get it when you read the post. Not that this justifies anything.
4. I do realize I'm weird and sometimes hard to understand. There's nothing we can do about this now. We're just all gonna have to love and cope with this as best we can.
Have a pleasant night or evening or morning or whateversplarglings.

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The new SongFight! has been up for a couple of days so you should come check it out! I'm a Billy and the Psychotic but go listen to the nifty crew of folks over there and vote for the ones you like.
Have a great day! :)

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If you are facebookish, the Denise (yeah, I just did called myself a "the"), has a fan page for her blog. No, it doesn't make sense that anyone would do that. Yes, that's why it is "liked" by a vast number of FIVE people or maybe six or something like that. There aren't many likes HERE either, she whined. But my circled a lot personally so I s'poze I can't really complain. Why yes, I switched pronouns. It is a confusing day. Yeah, sometimes my blog is ridiculous.

Anyway, how about I stop complaining and give you this nice tasty page so that you can go "like" or "fancy" it and then come back to G+ :)

Working on about 4 projects tonight. #unbelievable #true #youveallheardthisbefore #ihavenofollowersyet #soicansaythesethings #andabusehashtagsaswell
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