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California Classics hardwoods are some of the finest hardwoods available on the market today. California Classics Floors are  prepared in the traditional American style, using uncompromising source wood selection to the final floor finish. 

California Classics Floors are painstakingly hand-crafted, one board at a time, by highly  trained hardwood floor artisans, and California Classics Floors are  still priced affordably enough for those who appreciate fine quality.

While cheap hardwood flooring from discounters and home improvement stores can seem “good enough”,  the reality is that so much of  cheap flooring sold in big box stores & discounters  is not a good value for your money .

Most customers who buy cheap  in the past have over time, come to regret a decision to scimp on something as important to your home as Hardwood  flooring is. It simply pays to invest in fine hardwoods.

California Classics Flooring by Gemwoods uses True Hand-Scraping by Artisans.
So many  hardwood flooring brands these days deceptively claim their products are True “hand-scraped” when they’re actually scraped by machines & or  lightly-trained workers using machines. A discerning consumer can easily tell the difference.

Most of us have seen this “fake” look on mediocre reproduction furniture:With all the repetitive  patterns and machine-made appearance of the scraping and grooves. 

It’s looks far more obvious & worse on a hardwood floor, where the broad expanse makes the monotony  even more obvious, and over time, tiresome to the eye. What might be acceptable to you when you first look at a few boards in a store might not be when it’s spread across your living room.

You will never find this machined man made look in any California Classics Floor , they are all unique authentic & hand crafted. 

California Classics flooring artisans have been personally trained by a nationally-renowned hardwood flooring master Tony Robinson  to “read” each piece of wood, as an artist determining its one-of-a-kind personality, and then to choose the right tools and techniques to fully bring out this character.

California Classics flooring craftsmen are highly skilled at adding natural-looking chatter marks, antique wear and tear, distressing, scraping, worm holes and more, in different areas of each board, without repetition of patterns, depths, etc.

There are no machines, no assembly lines, no large quantities being pushed through California Classics Floors factories quickly to save time and money. 
Each California Classics Floors  plank is individually inspected for its unique patterns, grain and coloration's, and hand-carved and scraped to complement its beautiful marks of individuality. No two California Classics Floors planks are the same!

When in a flooring store, please compare our true hand-scraped hardwood flooring to typical machine-scraped hardwood flooring. The difference is obvious!

California Classics Floors uses a "dual hand staining” technique which adds depth, color, & some iridescence to  your floor. 

In addition to all the incredible artistic value California Classics Floors brings to the table the quality aspect of construction & engineering of California Classics Floors is unparalleled.

 California Classics Floors uses a 50 year German  Valspar finish on every floor. 

This is considered to be the clearest finish available on the market today. that means that you can see more of the beauty & graining of the wood floors in every California Classics Floor by Gemwoods.

Either way no matter what California Classics Floors product you choose ,  the such as the  custom style random width Reserve Collection or the one of a kind Estate Collection or the more affordable Southwest collection: you simply can not find a better value for your money when it comes to buying Hardwood than California Classics Floors by Gemwoods.

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Thank you from all of us at  with out our customers we would not be here!! hands down the best place to buy  Hardwood Flooring for the  homes you want to flip. Hardwood flooring starting at $1.99 per SqFt. while supplies last.

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California Classics Floors Southwest Collection Indigo , is a beautiful two toned ,rich brown, handscraped birch hardwood floor , made by California Classics Floors, & sold by

 This beautiful 5" hand distressed 50 yr wood floor along with many others is  priced below MSRP  to sell at under $3.00 per SqFt only at

On Sale Now through Sunday!!


Post has attachment hands down the best place to buy  Hardwood Flooring for the  homes you want to flip. Hardwood flooring starting at $1.99 per SqFt. while supplies last.

Post has shared content the lowest prices on the net.
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