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Kitty's Painted Claws
nail polish, nail art, pretty colours and a bit of nerdyness
nail polish, nail art, pretty colours and a bit of nerdyness

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Relocation, relocation, relocation.
So, Kitty's Painted Claws is having a bit of a move. A digital one though, not a real world one. I enjoy using wordpress far much more then the blogger platform - wordpress is far more powerful as far as content manipulation goes - and thus I am very tempte...

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Pick N Mix Week 15 - Dotting Tools / Pink & Aqua
I'm really fond of odd colour combinations. Orange and blue, purple and green (Hulk smash), and pink and aqua. Alas, my aqua turned out a little more green that I wanted. The polishes used for this mani were Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, A England's Rose Bo...

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Pick N Mix Nails Catch up post!
Apologies for my absence, the holidays are always super busy in the Painted Claws household. Instead of doing a series of posts for my catch up manis for the 52 week challenge, I'm putting them together in one giant post! Week 9 - Brush Stroke / Favourite B...

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Monochrome Party Nails
* Some of the items in this post were provided free of charge for honest review * Born Pretty Store  kindly provided a few items to me for review in the middle of last month - this is the first of 3 posts showing you these items and how I've chosen to s...

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Pick N Mix Week 8 - Book / Brown
I tried desperately to think of a not massively popular book series to do and failed miserably which is such a let down as I read loads and loads of books. So I went for brown, which is a bit of an under-represented colour in the polish world. This base for...

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Pick N Mix Week 7 - Wild Animals / Yellow
I am a secret lover of yellow nails. Painted yellow, not just stained from too much polish yellow. I think they look super summery as long as you find the right tone of yellow for your skin. If you pick the wrong one you tend just make your hands - and thus...

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Pick N Mix Week 6 - Domestic Animals / 3 shades of blue
Late post this week and I do apologise - work has been super hectic and its been all that I could do to keep awake for tea before falling asleep on the couch. This is what should have been posted last week, which was domestic animals OR 3 shades of blue. I ...

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Pick N Mix Week 5 - 80s / 3 dark colours
I was a bit torn this week, but as winter is coming (or so says Ned Stark...) I opted for 80s - dark colours will get used enough in the next couple of months anyway. They can wait. Neons, on the other hand, can not. I was born in 1986, and whilst I don't r...

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Pick N Mix Week 1 - Teal / 2 Colour Gradient
My first post of the epic 52 week Pick N Mix challenge! The prompts for the first week of the challenge are teal and 2 colour gradient. This being a pick and mix challenge, we get to mix up these prompts and use one or the other prompts - or both! For my fi...

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Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I posted here, and life has been incredibly hectic. I have only advice for any younger readers out there - being an adult isn't all its cracked up to be! Stupid jobs and houses and bills. I've pledged to make a little...
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