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Data Management, Software Engineering, Dashboards, Reporting, Business Intelligence & Data Integration, software & technology workshop.
Data Management, Software Engineering, Dashboards, Reporting, Business Intelligence & Data Integration, software & technology workshop.


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What is #Social Media Analytics and how you can use it to expand your #outreach and #business? Read all about it in this week's #blog post on

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The Global #JobMarket is Experiencing a Stand-Off.
Employers On One Side, Employment Candidates On The Other.

Both fuel the conflict in unique ways specific to each perspective.

1. #Employers & Candidates don't agree on Wage / Compensation.
Employers create and market jobs in varying countries (globalization). Different labor & wage laws compromise the integrity of compensating the positions appropriately.

Candidates are unwilling to cordially converse about wage, and negotiate means of making the opportunities worth while financially.

2. Employers & #Candidates view education & training differently.

Employers say candidates are just not qualified for the positions or that prospects are not trainable. The insight points blame at the educational system.

Candidates are daunted by the rigorous & strict hiring process used by companies. They are literally afraid to apply for jobs due to potentially being denied.


Employers need to pay more or offer more to make jobs appeal to ideal candidates. Also invest in training candidates as well as being more open to potential and less strict on experience.

Candidates need to take more risks in applying. Go for the Big Jobs, Ask to be trained & Speak Up About #Wages!

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#Coanics Cornwall Analytics Sporting the Tiny Hands Foundation Charity at their 2017 Back-To-School back pack brigade. Business Intelligence includes community research and outreach, We align our company with supporting education on every level. This is yet another way we are providing for our community and giving back to the Sarasota and Greater Florida Area.
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Cornwall Analytics - Coanics® Research & Development Office - Business Intelligence Files: Social Responsibility.

Learn How These 4 Benefits of #Social #Responsibility Guarantees #Business Success.

Published on August 7, 2017

Learn How These 4 Benefits of #Social #Responsibility Guarantees #Business Success.

"55% Of Consumers Are Willing To Pay More For Products & Services From Socially Responsible #Businesses & #Companies."
Aligning with Charitable Causes positively connects your company to consumers in a way that benefits them without the burden of transacting business. Meaning that consumers can embrace your company, your products & services without pressure of purchasing.

"This Concept of positioning your company's beliefs and moral missions makes the statement that investing in your company, is equivalent to supporting this cause."

We went to the Tiny Hands Foundation Backpack Brigade over the weekend Tiny hands donates school supplies to children in need, and we support education non profits piously. Investing in Coanics® is investing in Education.

We were able to connect with the community and important public figures that align themselves and their companies with similar charitable causes. Our Company Brand & Public Image is improved by our participation in these events and the networking connections and referrals are invaluable.

Being Socially Responsible positions a company to harness four very important factors. Below I will detail them and the specific ways that they can work to improve a company's ability to succeed.

*Four Ways A Company Benefits From Social Responsibility.
1. Attract and Retain Investors or Venture Capitalist.

- Social responsible demonstrates to investors a very important factor in a unique way. There are supporting causes and issues constantly impacting the state of your current industry, having an interest and vested role in a global or community cause that positively impacts your company, it shows a level of deep forward thinking and the ability to utilize resources effectively.

- Just as with consumers as well investors tend to support and give financial resources to companies that align with causes that they are partial too on personal levels.

2. Increase Media Coverage of Company, Influence Positive Publicity & Improve Company Public Image.

- This is a tool and tactic to be harness with care and consideration. Once the media is covering an issue or event relative to a cause impacting your industry you have ample opportunities to garner attention from the press. This works in a dual capacity as to major advertisement for your brand via news outlets and the press, as well as the promotional impact of spreading the word about your companies involvement in positively charged charitable charges. The more people know about your social responsibility the more it serves to improve your business' reputation and appeal.

- Always keep in mind that bad news spreads quicker than good news, so be mindful of how you represent your business in the media and in support of certain causes. use caution and discretion in publicity as always even more so with social responsibility.

3. Improves Employee Moral, Engagement, Creativity, Philanthropy & Efficiency.

- This aspect is a bit complex however it is very clear and easy to understand the benefits and how it works. When a company is open about its social responsibility in the community, it creates a sense of care in the mind of the employee to some degree being that most employees live in the community that they work in, so improving the community means improving an aspect of their lives. Employees that support the charitable efforts of their workplaces tend to be far more engaged and more dedicated to success and solutions to company challenges.

- Philanthropy comes in many forms especially in regards to the forms that resources can be donated. This is evident in terms of donating money, volunteering time, donating goods like food, or donating access to programs or services. Encouraging this behavior internally in a company promotes and fosters a harmonious environment of co-worker support which is essential to a successful high achieving labor force. A study also showed that this sense of duty to philanthropy is one of the determining factors in why an employee goes the extra mile to exceed expectations on the job.

4. Charitable Donations Offer Many Financial Benefits Like Tax Deductions and monetary fund benefits.

- This is a unique aspect of social responsibility that provides many benefits for a company, but like public image and media coverage, it should be used with caution and discretion. Up to 50% of a company's gross annual income can be written off as charitable donations and in some cases this provides a liquid flexibility for companies that manage and utilize many varying resources providing some fiscal latitude.

- It is also possible to become a leader on a cause that resonates with your company and develop a foundation of supporters giving benevolently to the company in support of the cause which can lead to additional streams of revenues and a reinforcement of all the previously spoken about beneficial qualities of social responsibility.

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Cornwall Analytics Had a great time networking and meeting our fellow Business Neighbors Here in Sarasota. We managed to snap a few photos of some of the Awesome Exhibits presenting their Businesses. Want to extend warm regards to everyone and we look forward to serving you all. #Coanics
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Come Out And #Network With Us at The 16th Annual Manatee Chamber of Commerce' 2017 Ship-Shape Showcase. We will be Exhibiting Cornwall Analytics® at Our Company Booth, Discussing All We Have Accomplished This Year, On-boarding New Business Intelligence Clients, Connecting With All Our Fellow Chamber Business Members, Giving Away Free Gifts, Discussing Potential Job Opportunities With us and So Much More!! We Look Forward to meeting you All in Person.
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Today Is The Day! Calling all #Tampa based #Web #Developers, #BI #Report #Developers, #Business #Analysts & #Business #Development Specialists to our #Hiring Event. Our #Employment Open House at #Coanics #Research & #Development office at 1413 Tech Blvd
1413 Tech Boulevard
Suite 125
Tampa, FL 33619
Come in today and see how you can join our awesome team. Walk with #Resumes and be ready for on spot #Interviews. Tell a Friend! Bring a Friend!
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