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The Snow Globe World
The Snowglobe World... I t is dangerous to be still, for the wandering-and-traveling sort. In
travel, there lies activity, of anticipation in the unknown, of
curiosity, and learning, of new experiences and meeting of friends old
and new. Of adventure. An...

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The Lost Files: Just Nutty--Pecans, And A Recipe....
Sometimes, there are funny little stories within stories, and these little morsels are the type I love participating in, and sharing. They are little moments, which may seem like little sweet nothings, but they are the sort of human-ish moments that might m...

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Carolina In My Mind
Seems like I'm surrounded by the theme of sisters, lately.... I t was the half-way mark of the journey. It would also be the tale of
sisters, and surprises, including a tiny, confessional twist. Life, like
the road, is full of such winding tales. I was le...

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Sister, Sister
                              Who are these mad little girls, and what do they have to do with my current travels? O nce I lived through my daredevil mountain shenanigans , it was time to relax a bit, at the half-way mark on the way back to Florida.  There ...

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Deadly Antiques....
T he above potteryware seem innocent enough, don't they? But trust me, they are as daring and dangerous as poison, at least if you were in my shoes. Because I am an Old-Fashionista , and this is a winding story of daredevil-ism as silly and convoluted as......

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Creepy and Cute....
Just two creative types..Dani and I, right before the mischief! *Note: I am in a mad-dash scramble to post as many stories WHILE they keep happening on this adventure. In order to do so, I've posted TWICE today! If you'd like to see today's previous story, ...

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The Lost Files: NYC Smiles
This is and this isn't a traveler's story. Sometimes, it's fine to see a tale through the eyes of another traveler--and that is how this journey goes.                                                                  Magic is everywhere, even in the Big City...

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                           How Do You Get Over The Bittersweet? A Brand New Jaunty Hat, Of Course!                                                                   *Photo: Liz Free P eople will tell you that all things happen for a reason. I will tell you ...

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My talented friend Denise has a wonderful offer on her ART! <3
Painting SALE to help my family!
 OWN this beautiful 18 x 24" original painting by yours truly with Pay What you Will pricing - meaning you choose the price! All the details are below so read on and thank you! AVAILABLE - my original painting titled Thinking of Home for a Pay What You Will...

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