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This is the link to my sisters funeral arrangements , to my family and friends please pass on to others
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Signs always appear in the times of devastation. In this one is a Lions head
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A Checklist For Creating The Perfect Google+ Post
Step by step guide to create perfect Google+ posts, including choosing a topic, mentioning sources, placing a link, using hash tags and images.

1. Find Remarkable Content to Write About

Find content ideas that are truly valuable to your audience and will encourage traffic. +Virante Search Marketing's +Carter Cole has built a pair of (free) Chrome extensions that scrape Google's auto-complete search suggestions, to provide queries that real people are searching for.

Learn more:

As well, +Mike Allton has shared some ways you can finding great content using +HootSuite, and bring everything together into a single dashboard.

Learn more:

h/t to +Mark Traphagen on both of these.

2. Optimize Your Post Title & Description

To increase the exposure of your message and have it displayed prominently to users in their feed, create a 50 character Title for your post and a carefully worded introduction that does not exceed 150 characters.

Also consider that when your post is shared by someone else, you can expect to lose 100 characters from your 200 character introduction. Therefore, it is paramount that you place the most vital information in the first 100 characters of your of your message, to ensure an enticing and informative snippet in your audience's feed, even if the post is shared.

Learn more: from +Kristoffer Howes.

3. Mention Your Sources And Peers

Google+ Mentions will alert/address  people "mentioned" in a post. This is particularly important when quoting someone or giving credit for the work you are referring to.

Learn more: from +Ronnie Bincer.

Use Hat Tips when appropriate. What is a Hat Tip? An h/t (or HT) is an acknowledgement (or a mention) of the source from which the post was discovered. In most instances, this will the person who shared it with you (from the original post).

Learn more: from +Julianne Boyle.

If you forget to plus mention someone in a post and you edit the post it will not send them a notification. The best thing to do is edit the post and then plus mention them in a comment. - +Jesse Wojdylo

Learn more:

4. Format Text

There are a few tips and tricks that can help add some character to your posts, including BOLD, ITALIC, STRIKETHROUGH.

Learn more: from +Simon Heyes.

h/t to +Ben Stroup.

5. Include 1 Link in The Body of Your Post

You do not have to use the link post format on Google+ to have the social activity attributed to your blog post. You can post an image and, within the body of the post, add one link to a blog post or web page and all +1 and share activity will be successfully transferred and reflected on the +1 count on the linked page.

However ... if there are any other links in the body of the post, the link connection is broken and the activity is not transferred. Hash tags and mentions are fine, but no other links can be included.

Learn more: from +Dustin W. Stout.

6. Encourage People to Comment

The first comment from an individual on a post is counted as another +1. So, each individual has the potential to add +3 per post by hitting the +1, re-sharing, and leaving a comment. It does not matter how many comments are left, each person commenting is only counted once.- Dustin W. Stout (see number 5)

7. Include Hash Tags

ALWAYS search for the hash tag you plan on using before you ever use it. Do not overuse hash tags. It makes you appear amateur and desperate. Think of hash tags as keywords that are both clickable and searchable.

Learn more: from +Andrij Harasewych.

8. Include an Image

If you use an image and have one link within the body of the post, all the +1s and re-shares (as well as the +1s and re-shares of the re-shares) will be attributed and reflected on the original blog post (or web page) that is linked in the body.- Dustin W. Stout (see number 5)

The ideal minimum image size is 800x600 or a 4:3 ratio.

If we have forgotten something, or you would like to add a suggestion, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

#googleplusposting   #googleplustips   #socialmediachecklist

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