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Interesting.  Now where were those screenshots at....

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+Leah Smith​ steals my Hunahpu as soon as I pour a drink and pause for a photo.

Happy Birthday +Joseph Ondrus​

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Added photos to XM Anomaly Satellite: Denver, CO, US.

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So, Ingress awards ceremony was last night. Nabbed a couple awards this year. I met so many new people, I met so many old acquaintances, drank good beers, and made it home in time to rebuild the ingress farm in pretty close to record time. Awesome time and event!

Thanks to everyone who participated.

(Yes we are aware of the misspelling on the second award.)

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A little snow shoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park with +Chris Stephens and +Laura Klein Stephens 

You can see some of their own pictures here:
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Dad Piles. 

So so many dad piles.

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A quick jaunt up Mt Evans.

14.6 miles of beautiful country side. 

A few from Joe's cameras:
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One year ago today my life was turned over by the flooding in Colorado. We lived just north of the Golden Ponds in Longmont, CO'18.1%22N+105%C2%B008'21.7%22W

Our street went from an inch or two of water to 3-4 feet high in just ten minutes. 

The St Vrain River/Creek jumped it's banks somewhere north of Longmont, went through some neighborhoods and the Twin Peaks golf course north of me. And then, after filling the golf course, it crested directly north of the row of houses on my side of the street. The water hit the top house and split down each side. Leaving us as an island in the middle of two raging rivers.

We were stranded with other neighbors in one of the higher houses on that side of the street for approximately 10 hours while we waited for rescue. 

We lost a great deal of our possessions & our cars. Due to the house being uninhabitable for a few months, we relocated our life north to Berthoud, Colorado where we remain today. 

While we were stranded, I took the opportunity to take some photos and videos of the event. I'm very happy I did. As time passes the memories grow more faint and it's hard to believe it was as amazing and destructive as it was. 

This is the first time I've shared this collection publicly. (I was always taught/told that posting your story and images during the event could lure in looters.)

The most amazing of my collection are the eight videos at the end of the album where you can see the movement and power of the water. 

Sept 12th Flooding
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