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A stroll after lunch brought me to the infamous portal.

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Fun times on Horsetooth mountain. Most of these pictures taken while the sun was rising over Fort Collins.
Single Ingress field: 7,351,270  MU

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I already told this story in the Northern Colorado G+ chat room & Colorado Enlghtened G+ Community. And I've been urged to write this story here for the rest of you to enjoy. I'm much better at a chronological story rather than the siterep format.... So here's the long but amusing story of the night that +Paltiel K   and I spent five hours on Horsetooth Mountain in the middle of the winter.



For the impatient, the story is that we took the HT portal. Then smurfs hid and took it. And then we hid and took it back. The amusing parts are in the details. Read on if you want the full story:


It was a pretty average Friday evening (for a guy with family & kids).  Kids were in bed about 9pm. So I logged on to the NoCo chat. And there was Galfinite announcing that he was going to hike up to the Horsetooth Rock portal to reclaim it for the good guys (Enlightened, obviously). I had never gone so I put on my hiking boots and offered to join him. I drove up to Fort Collins, picked him up, picked up some lights at the store, and headed to the bottom of Horsetooth. 

We arrived about 11:45pm. The parking lot was empty. So we parked and started up. Nothing notable except the more-than-expected ice on the trail. We expected an uneventful night so we took over portals as we climbed the mountain. I turned my phone off between the portals to save battery. There are three or four on the main trail and then three at the peak. We get to the three portals at the top around 1:15 in the morning, 90 minutes after starting out. We put Rare MH and Rare HS on it and then spent the next 30+ minutes burning out the main Horsetooth Rock portal. Then burned out the other two at the top. Made some fields. And started down. With the main portals taken, I no longer had to worry about battery and left my phone on.

It was a victorious hike. Not too hard, not too easy. The ice was the worst part. We loudly chatted about Ingress history most of the way down. We were half way down when my phone goes off. One of my portals was getting attacked! I assumed it was the farm I maintain near my home. But no! It was the top of Horsetooth Mountain!!! What the hell! We just left and passed no one. It had to be spoofers. SON OF A BIRCH! But it was two names I'd seen around and were known to be real people. JBOrunon and CometPython. So here's there rest of the night blow by blow:

(edited typos - view the orig conversation in the image, if you care)

2:38 tedly: @Cometpython Strange, you weren't on the trail to horsetooth rock
2:38 Galfinite: @Cometpython @JBOrunon wanna say hi?
2:39 tedly: @Cometpython you take your helicopter up here again?

Galfinite and I are convinced they've spoofed. Even though we'd both seen them play in the area many times.

2:41 JBOrunon: @Galfinite @tedly you guys walked right by us! our car is at the bottom, you'll see the resistance sticker. we just didn't want to have to battle you lol

We talked amongst ourselves. If they were spoofing, they'd have only a short amount of time to drive their car there and park it to look like they had climbed the mountain. So that was a bold statement of proof that we would see in the next 20-30 minutes. 

Then Galfinite told me that he noted that those guys attacked one of his nearby portals on Harmony Rd about the time we were hitting the first portals going up the mountain. So they could have seen us hit the first portal, and headed right up behind us. With us leading by about 20 minutes they could have easily stayed out of view from us and then hid off to the side when we noisily departed. 

(For this next detail, you have to know I'm the guy who makes and sells Ingress vinyl decals on Ebay and sometimes in person. Been doing it for many months: - I produce them in my basement in my spare time and mail them out the next day. Not trying to do a sales pitch in the story, but it is relevant and I do love distributing team swag.)

And I started to think back a few days. There was a sale of a couple decals to a CometPython nearby, (intentionally withheld detail). So the fact he was talking about decals on his car matched the "inside knowledge" I had from selling the decals.

So it seemed pretty legit that they were there. Galfinite and I argued a bit about what to do. He was hardcore and demanded we go back up. I was physically tired already and therefore initially more hesitant and said we could go out and do so much more. Like make giant fields and take down the fields covering loveland. And farm Berthoud. Etc etc. So we spent maybe 10 minutes going back and forth about it.

But based on principal it felt like we should go confront them and battle. I had scads of gear from my recent farming. (600+ XMP 200+ PCubes.) I just about couldn't lose a gear war. 

And then, as I looked at the attack notifications and clicked on the portal to see it, I could see all the keys on the ground that meant they were farming it for keys. And I got all fired up and said "Lets go now, we can take their keys off the ground as they farm it!!" So we started the march back up. As we headed up we saw large fields going up. These guys were pretty confident we weren't coming back. 

While we were hiking JBOrunon sent us a message.

3:02 JBOrunon: @Galfinite @tedly we took pictures! we'll show em off later. did you see the car?

It took us another 15 minutes after that to get close enough. We rounded a corner (near where the boulder has the steps chiseled out of it, for those who have hiked it) and we saw their lights up ahead still at the top portal. We killed our lights immediately. They appeared to be shining theirs right at us after that. They got quiet for a few minutes and then started talking again. It wasn't clear to us whether they saw us or not. It was more than apparent at that point that we'd get no where close to them to swipe keys.... the snow on ice on the trail were loud enough and moving without light was pretty dangerous.

Obviously we were a little burned by their really slick sneak-up-and-hide move. It was pretty damn brilliant. So we had to decide at that point to attack them openly or ... something. 

We decided to return their exact same hiding trick. So we scrambled out of view and hid. We found a cropping of large boulders and headed towards it. Initially I climbed down in a ditch full of snow but it became quickly apparent that I wouldn't be able to hold position in a pile of snow for long at all. So I climbed back out. By then I had lost Galfinite. It was silent other than the noise of the smurfs up above. So I scrambled around and finally found a spot between and behind the boulders where only my knee would poke out. 

So we waited. And waited. And that's when I figured I should bait them. Remember for this part that I knew intimate knowledge of the decals they spoke of.

So, replying to the message from JBOrunon 20 minutes earlier:

3:20 tedly: @JBOrunon we saw it.
3:21 tedly: @JBOrunon nice decal. where'd you get it?
3:22 JBOrunon: @tedly cometpython got it off ebay

Of course he got it off ebay. :)

Galfinite also picked up that I was intentionally misleading them about being at the bottom of the mountain and adds to the conversation.

3:23 Galfinite: @JBOrunon nice car. might have to give it a green sticker to make it look better
3:23 JBOrunon: @tedly were those lines we saw not you?!

I knew full well they were asking about the flash lights we had on as we rounded the corner. But I played dumb.

3:26 tedly: @JBOrunon lines?
3:26 Cometpython: @Galfinite join the right side and I'll donate a sticker for your car.
3:26 JBOrunon: @tedly sorry, lights

Still vague enough for me to play dumb and mislead them.

3:27 tedly: maybe, we weren't the only car on the road.

(eluding to headlights as we drove away)

3:28 JBOrunon: @tedly oh no we thought we saw flashlights
3:29 Galfinite: @CometPython green is good, blue is bad

I change the subject. I'm not very good at directly lying to people. I'm much better at misleading.

3:42 tedly: @CometPython that was die cut vinyl? how much was it?

Knowing full well how much it was. :)

3:43 CometPython: @tedly about 14 bucks. Smaller ones are cheaper.
3:47 tedly: @CometPython I know a guy who can make em for a lot cheaper. lemme know if you're looking for more.

See, I'm seemingly so friendly to the people who just tricked us. (And the decals are much cheaper without shipping and ebay fees!)

The whole time we're chatting I'm crouched down. My knees are killing me. And my ankles/feet are in snow and freezing. I keep taking breaks to stand up and then crouch down again as soon as I get enough relief. In theory I have a moment or two warning before they round the corner. But moving in snow makes a lot of crunching sounds so I'm cautious.

So at this point the radio goes silent. I'm watching on the scanner as they finish farming the top portal and head down to the lower two. I keep turning my phone on to check status/messages and off as I keep imagining them sprinting down the path and seeing the light or noise of my phone behind the rocks. I send messages to Galfinite on Google Talk to tell him not to move until we hear nothing for a while after they pass us. But he's not reading the messages other than in COMM. But he's a smart guy so I didn't sweat him doing something dumb. 

Then, just as I turn my phone on to check things one last time, they are coming right towards us. It hasn't even finished booting for me to even start the shutdown process when they round the corner. I'm pressing it tight against me under my jacket as it plays it's boot up fanfare and likely gives off enough light to confuse nearby landing planes. It shuts down just in time.

As they pass, they say some memorable statements like:

"I'm sure i saw lights. who would come up the mountain at 3am and turn around. hikers?"

"well, tedly definitely saw the car decal"

"he mentioned other cars on the road so I'm sure they left. I hope."

Their light shined ever so briefly on the rocks I was behind, with my knee barely visible, but they didn't look hard if they were. 

So we waited and waited until we could hear nothing on the trail. We got out, silently (as possible on ice and snow). Galfinite had actually climbed on top of the largest boulder. We made our way to the top, using almost zero lights. We waited a bit. Saw them hit the Trail sign portal much further below. Then we waited even more. We wanted them to be almost to the car before they had to make the same decision we did about heading back up. 

Galfinite, up high on the boulder, told me he over heard them saying that if we took the portal they were going to echo the things I first sent to them about not seeing them on the trail and a helicopter ride. So, seconds before we started the attack, i sent this.

4:04 tedly: @CometPython @JBOrunon did you two see our helicopter go by?

And we attacked. A few moments of silence on the radio. I assume disbelief on their part. 

4:07 Cometpython: @tedly if I hadn't seen the lights I'd think you were spoofing now. but did you really see the stickers then??

So my description of the decal totally tricked them. :)

4:09 tedly: @CometPython want to know a secret? I MADE those decals. I shipped them to you Wed.
4:09 tedly: @CometPython that's how I know a guy.
4:10 tedly: @CometPython you ordered 2 of them. one was like 12" and one was like 6" iirc.

I show my evil plotting hand.

And then some silence on the radio for a few. And just this reply.

4:13 CometPython: @tedly well nice work thx.

I might have cackled loud enough at that point that they heard me near the bottom of the mountain.

And then a little back and forth before the conversation died off:

4:15 tedly: @CometPython @JBOrunon you two coming back up? we'll leave the space heater running if so
4:16 CometPython: @tedly wait? are you in our shed?
4:19 Galfinite: @CometPython you sure were swearing a lot for having a shed
4:19 Galfinite: @CometPython all about how cold your fingers were
4:19 CometPython: @Galfinite we didn't have a space heater in the shed

Galfinite, on top of the boulder earlier, heard them swearing and complaining about the cold repeatedly while they farmed the portal at the top.

Fortunately we already burned it out so we didn't have a lot to do other than claim it and field it. Galfinite and I then headed down, taking back each portal as we went. At that point we were ready to give in if they were headed back up. You can only go up a mountain so many times in the middle of the night in winter when you're not a seasoned hiker. I scanned every group of rocks or trees that I passed in case they were there. I did want to say hi after a fun back and forth.

They were nearby still as JBOrunon took out the HT mountain sign at the bottom of the mountain at 4:40am. But they said no more and apparently didn't go back up.

We got to the bottom at 4:45, passing by a couple sets of early morning hikers on their way up. FIVE HOURS ON THAT ICY ROCK! 

I dropped Galfinite off. Then took out some fields and repaired some farms on the way home and came in just before 7am. We had made plans as a family to go out to breakfast. So I snoozed for 30 minutes while the rest of them got ready for the day. And had breakfast out. After that I slept.

It was a hell of an adventure. You can go out and make fields and claim portals any time. But my best memories are always with other enemy agents that are actively battling you in the field at the time. Especially if the good guys win the brawl!

#Ingress   #ingressreport  

+Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Niantic Projece Ingress 
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+Will Wallingford It should have made it the winter if it was a Vinyl one. Happy to discuss either way.
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Ted Harapat

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Breakfast beer #2 - Four Peaks, Kilt Lifter

(More like a red/amber than a Scottish ale)

Yay vacation!
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second brefastes are the bestest! Soon it'll be time for elevensies.  :) enjoy yer vacation
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Ted Harapat

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What is Ingress? And how it changed my life

I call Ingress an augmented reality global mobile GEO MMO. But really, what the hell does that mean?

Players, like me, call it a cross between geo-caching, Risk and capture the flag. Still confused?

Many will tell you Ingress is a mobile game. There are some who question whether it's really a game. For now I'll call it a game, but you'll have to decide for yourself.

The unique thing about this 'game' is that in order to play you have to explore the world around you and meet new people.

When Ingress made it's first mysterious appearance at Comic-con almost 2 ago we learned that 'The world around you is not what it seems'. Clues were leaked in posters and online. We started to hear about the Niantic Project and XM. Eventually we were told 'It's time to move'.

In November 2012 scanners started to be activated. I was among the first wave of those to be activated. At first there we're just a few of us. We experimented to figure out what to do, we sought each other out for help and more fire power, we organised, we 'fought' and we explored.

What we learned is that Ingress requires that you leave the comfort of your day-to-day routine. It demands that you explore your world, meet me new people and have experiences you never would have imagined.

When you start Ingress you pick from one of two teams. You may pick for various reasons; to fight with friends, a color or maybe ideals. But soon you find yourself 'fighting' for a cause bigger than yourself.

But who are you 'fighting' against? It may be a neighbor, co-worker or maybe the guy who will one day give you a tow when your car breaks down.

18 months ago I started playing a 'game'. Today I am part of a global community of amazing individuals. I've seen courage beyond anything I ever imagined. Individuals on the day they started that couldn't look you in the eye that go on to lead amazing global operations (fun adventures). Teams coming together to support a teammate going through hard times. A community coming together to support someone taking a new risk. Frenemies coming to the aid of their 'enemy' in a moment of distress.
Ingress is the first place I ever felt a strong sense of belonging. That feeling of belonging has given me the courage to allow the course of my life to change dramatically. It has also given me the courage to open my mind and heart and a look at the world around me with a new perspective.

The world around you is not what it seems... Are you ready to move?
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Ted Harapat

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I left my phone at my desk and came back to find this voice mail recording: "We have received a legal case against you and for that reason you will be getting arrested from your home or from your workplace. If you need any further information you can reach me at ##########. See you in the courthouse."

Very recent scam. All of the posts are in the last week or sooner.

I'm not sure how the scam works. I didn't find anything relevant when I googled the text from the recording.

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My previous home (condo) had an elevator with phone, supposedly for emergency purposes. One night as I was riding up with a load of groceries, the elevator received a robocall from a debt collector. 
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Ted Harapat

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Ted Harapat originally shared:
A late but delicious start to Stout Month. 

2011 BCS.

Mud on the bottle is courtesy of the September 2013 Colorado floods.
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Love the glass
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Ted Harapat

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for breakfast? I like your style :-)
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