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I draw things o_O
I draw things o_O


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While Viking Bunny is away Nomi will eat chocolay!

While working on other projects I've been itching to get back to my Viking Bunny story which includes the infamous Nomi the cat ghost, who decides to haunt our Bunny for forever. O__O

This is why Viking Bunny can't have nice things. Nomi will just eat it. :P

#VikingSnarkArts   #TictokBooks   #VikingBunnyNinjaBook  
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#QuickDraw  Time is about to starrrrrt come join!!!
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Next portion of #TheDragonTutor  Q&A is out! Along with a special announcement at the bottom!
Go read to see what it issssssssss

#MarMaiComix   #TictokBooks  
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Hey Guys!
We'll be having another Quick Draw Event this Saturday at 1 pm EST.
pssst there will be an art icon giveaway at the stream

Here's a link to where you can catch the stream on Youtube, on Saturday (it's not live yet haha):

The Artists for this Round will be:
Fangtooth creator of A Fishy Guide to Life-

Airgita creator of Effing English-

Vincent creator of Something Generic-

Cup creator of Cup O Snark-

Mar Mai creator of The Dragon Tutor-

and Cyndi Foster creator of Oops Comic Adventure-

Come join us on Saturday for more silliness and giggles!

Art and words totally are Cyndi's because I am a lazy bunny potato and no point in changing what's already perfect! Hehehe XD

#QuickDraw   #CupOfSnark  
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Fascinatin' Fire Ants

When I was a wee munchkin living in Texas I used to enjoy playing with the fire ant hills in my backyard. Mostly making moats around the hills and toppling off the tops to watch them rebuild their beautiful little pyramids.

I was a monster munchkin.

Anywhoots, this is a memory of that and yes... yes I did have a big plastic cowboy hat like that. I loved that hat so much. XD

#VikingSnarkArts   #CupOfSnark   
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Podcast Geek Giggle Fest

So if you want to hear me and  +Mar Mai  geek out with the great and powerful podcasting duo  +Charlie Hoover and +Aalia Khan Yousafzai then this podcast is the one for you! 

We talk about books, relatable fictional characters and which fictional world we'd retire to IF we could, all those important questions and MORE! Muahaha  

Thank for having us on Charlie and Aalia, it was a real blast to be on the show and we hope to come back for more fun with ya in the future! :D

#VikingSnarkArts   #MarMaiComix   #TicTokBooks    #GeekQuestioner   #Podcast  
+Mar Mai, +Mary C. *& The Giggle Storm* 
Geek Questioner Podcast #0003
Covering April 1st  - April 7th 2016

Welcome to the this week's episode of the Geek Questioner podcast with myself and +Aalia Khan Yousafzai! We go over your answers to the Geek Question of the Day from the past week and interview a member of our community. This week's guests are +Mar Mai and +Mary C., the bombastic sisters behind such creations as The Dragon Tutor and Cup O'Snark. If you enjoy it, please subscribe and feel free to comment below! Oh and sign up if you want to be a guest!

Guest Links
The Dragon Tutor:
Cup O'Snark:
Hermit Lord:

Community Shout Out
Please submit one for next week!

Links for Listening 
Soundcloud: RSS:

Want To Be A Guest?
Sign Up:

Send Us Feedback

Support The Podcast!

#gqp #gqp2016 #geekquestioner
#podcast #gqotd #glomp
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#SketchDailies is all about the manly man #NickOfferman 's mustache of awesome today.

I could not resist, it was futile! XD

#VikingSnarkArts #RonSwanson
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I've finally awoken from my Turkey Day Coma.
Had a most delightfully laid back Turkey Day celebrations and hope all y'all had a good one as well.

Now it's decorate and get ready for Christmas time!

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I shall now be called by my Cumberbatch name....

Whippersnatch Vegemite

H/T +Mz Maau for the snarkully awesome find! XD
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