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Bronies are just as weird as a girl with a G.I. Joe
Darn tootin'! And proud of it! ;D

#Bronies FTW!
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It freaks me out that they're nearly the same height.
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Mary C.

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Day One of the #FiveDayQuest

Seeing as how this is a QUEST it seems only appropriate to share another quest I'm currently questing on as well. ;)

Taking a break to play Lego: The Hobbit on my 3DS only to enter Mirkwood and a glitch makes the track disappear!! Garfgh! x___x

(( The irony isn't lost on me. ))

I have no choice but to quit out and start from the last save point.

Le big heavy sigh

Thanks for inviting me to take part in this quest +Annie Yim :)

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Mary C.
Welcome to zee club, +SciFi Author: Lacerant Plainer! Hehe ;P
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Burping like a Lady-BOSS!

I've been enjoying the taste of dinner all night while working.

Ah, the joys of scarfing down Zatarain's Jambalaya rice way too fast. X_x

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Mary C.
+Chad Haney  refined viking burps ... of... course... they are. <_<;;

Hehe +Maddie Cramer you have my sympathies in having a weirdo of a dad! XD

+Yoon-Mi Kim pretty much chugged down two liters to quench my churning cauldron of a stomach. ;P
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Mary C.

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Murrrrrrgh.... I need to make this and SOON!

H/T +Kyla Myers for this sinfully delicious dessert inspiration.
I've got to try this cake. It's just so pretty.

Boozy caramel Cinnamon roll cake

Egg yolk Sponge cake From Daily Delicious
Double this recipe to fill 4 18cm round cake tins.
( left overs are too eat^_^)


80g cake flour
60g corn flour
4 large eggs
4 egg yolks
100g caster sugar
3g pink sea salt
1 tbsp clear vanilla extract
125g rice bran oil
125g Melted butter, melted and warm

Pre heat oven to 190C. Sift your corn flour and cake flour over large bowl twice.
Line your 4 greased 18cm pan with baking paper.
Combine oil and butter in a jug. 
In a stand mixer whip the eggs, yolks, sugar and salt until it is triple in size and forms a thick pale ribbon.
Add vanilla and beat again.
Sieve over flour and fold into the egg mix.
Pour butter/oil mix down the side of the bowl in three stages. Fold it in while turning the bowl at the same time.
Pour into your lined pans, try to get them as even as possible.
Once in the oven turn the heat down to 170C and cook for 25-30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.
Once fully baked, invert to cool on a wire rack.

Butter scotch sauce adapted from Nigella Lawson
50g light brown sugar
20g raw caster sugar
180 golden syrup
45g butter
100g flavoured butterscotch thicken cream
40ml Bourbon

In a sauce pan melt caster sugar, brown sugar, syrup over low heat for 6 minutes. Bring to gentle boil for 3 minutes.
Remove from heat source and whisk in thicken cream.
Set sauce aside until needed.

Brown sugar meringues
3 egg whites
180g brown sugar
Pinch of salt

Pre heat oven to 120c. Line two baking trays with baking paper.
In a large bowl whip on high with an electric mixer till soft peaks. On medium speed add your brown sugar one table spoon at time whisking well between each addition.
Place tablespoons of egg mix on trays. Any shape will do.
Bake in oven for 1 hour and half. Turn oven off and leave the door slightly open to finish drying out.   


One cake recipe
One cinnamon roll recipe from the Pioneer woman  (I did not post this as everyone has their fave recipe; I used the Pioneer’s woman’s one. Make it ON THE DAY you serve it to prevent the problem I had. Simply cool to room temp and top it on the cake when ready)
Two batches of butter scotch recipe
One meringue recipe
Stabilized Whipped cream ( Whip 500ml of cold thick cream and one bloomed sheet of gelatin to soft peaks)
Pecans (optional)

Place on cake at the base of your cake plate. Spread with whipped cream; making a shallow dam in the middle. Pour 50ml of butterscotch in this dam. Crush your brown sugar meringue in large pieces on top the cream and butter scotch. Repeat for all 3 layers.
Place cinnamon roll on the top of the cake (you with have the cream to help it stick)
Transfer to fridge for 30 minutes.
Serves with more butter scotch sauce and top with pecans.

Recipe source:
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* #NationalSiblingsDay  is apparently a thing and it's today!

Some of my fondest memories with my siblings would have to be when I'd come up with some hare brained scheme to try something fun and adventurous which roughly translated into adult speak as dumb and dangerous hehe ;D

Racing down the stairs in laundry baskets was one of things we siblings did for fun, as well as sleeping bags. 
Sleeping bags were another awesome way we used to glide down the staircase at lightning speed (or so it felt at the time) only to plop into the bundle of pillows and blankets we placed there to cushion our fall.

Our poor parents XD

My siblings are an amazing bunch of co-conspirators of shenanigans and I couldn't imagine my life without them in it. ^__^

Cheers to all the siblings out there and keep on doing your sibling thing. Especially you elder siblings; remember that no matter how old you all get, you're still the eldest and in charge of shenanigans. 
 *Muahahahahaha (•∆∆∆•)

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Awesome!! :-)
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Mary C.

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Chameleon Cat

Day TWO of #FiveDayQuest  depicts a daily routine of bringing the cat inside because he wants to sleep.

This daily activity includes Tig mincing through the house before slowing down to rub his face on certain pieces of furniture and finally melding into the floor for a tummy rub of indefinite amount.

Notice how well he blends with our floor? He's a MAGICIAN CHAMELEON CAT!!

Anywhoo... after enough tummy rubbing I pick him up and deliver his majesty to his room for the night.

As you can see, my life is full of exciting daily activities. snerk ;D
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Mary C. changed her profile photo.

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Mary C.

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Milestones are important because they remind us that no matter how far we've come we will NEVER convert to the metric system!

Amen! ;D

Check it out and get motivated with this awesome video from +Zach Anner. You rock, dear sir!!!
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Easter Art in action

It's always fascinating to me to watch artists at their craft! 
And here's a perfect one for Easter from the +scribblegraph with the extra bonus of hearing the story of Pte. Edward Hare voiced by the talented (and adorable)of Jasmine. ^__^

H/T to the +Yoon-Mi Kim ;)
Pte. Edward Hare, Egg Bunny Army

I got Jasmine to narrate this video, she had so much fun:) I hope you all enjoy the scribble at the site!

» "Pte. Edward Hare of the Royal EBA (Egg Bunny Army) is one of many young rabbits busying himself this week with Easter preparations. He, with several other highly trained bunnies, is on security detail in the Master Egg Room where the year’s supply of rotund cocoa-based treats is stored; some 50 feet below an oak tree beside the vegetable patch. With children around the world whipping themselves into a frothing frenzy at the mere thought of a ‘Willy Wonka’ scaled weekend, no place could be more dangerous.

Pte. Hare will also be charged with watching over the master artisans responsible for sculpting, painting & decorating the eggs before they are brought to the surface via the hydraulic-powered Bunny Hopper. From there, the quickest hare of the year will sprint them in his specially-crafted hemp knapsack to the Egg Cannon from whence they will be blasted into houses around the world.

So keep brave young Pte. Hare in your thoughts this weekend, and hope his watch is peaceful. A very Happy Easter to you all, and may all your chocolates be divine!

+Shachihata (Europe) Ltd  #Artline   #Illustration
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Mary C.
+Yoon-Mi Kim now there's a thought. I do have tapes to use for it as well! ^_^

Anytime +scribblegraph! :) 
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Mary C.

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The TaX-Men cometh!


Epic art by +Mar Mai ;)
April 15 is here! That means more April Goodness with April Showers, More +Game of Thrones episodes, and today...  #taxday ! - 8 Good Deals Even If You Don't Get A Tax Refund, Americans

Fear not because the TaX-men are here to help you with those 1040s, Maximum Deductions, and Time To Save The Whole World. They give new meaning to the word: TURBO ! We wonder if they'll have time for their past selves too ;0 #xmendaysoffuturepast - This WSJ Chart About Taxing The Rich Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

This amazing image was created by the very talented +Mar Mai, author of the Dragon Tutor series,  

Enjoy the rest of your #April  & +Movie Mashup Tuesday! 
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Hehe, awesome drawing Mar :)
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