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.@kokasexton @bencathers & Paul Lewis @PitneyBowes discuss how to increase investment in #socialselling

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What do football hero Steve Young and I have in common? We're both speaking May 7 at the #salessummit!

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"I'd prefer one accurate lead with deep, interesting info to 100 garbage leads" @heiditucker quoting a sales rep #CRM2015

@heiditucker A recurring theme in social and data-driven selling: don't be creepy. #CRM2015 @insideview

MT @frasertibbetts: @MarkVHurd says key 4 @Oracle:getting sales/marketing using coordinated metrics to streamline sales process #OracleCX15

@heiditucker suggests looking at a company's job postings to see where they are hiring + get insights. #CRM2015 @insideview

@heiditucker: Maybe #socialselling should be renamed #socialengagement? #CRM2015

@heiditucker #socialselling = communicate content & marketing message, start a dialog & listen/learn about your prospects. #CRM2015

@heiditucker @insideview #CRM2015 defines social selling as "using social media to engage with prospects". What is YOUR definition?
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