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Michael Birkel
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Michael Birkel

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Is a 27 in monitor too large for gaming at a desk? I am looking at the Asus pb258q and the pb278q but I cannot decide.
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27" 1440p
25" 1440p
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+Mario Darnadi true but I don't really find myself moving my head. I'm about 115cm away or maybe a little more. To me, it feels nice because it fills more of your peripheral vision, as it would in real life, which helps to make it feel more immersive. I would probably have an issue going much bigger than this at my distance, but I didn't experience any real period of adjustment going to this. I've only had it a couple weeks or so.
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Michael Birkel

System Builds  - 
So I have this:
And I am thinking of upgrading. What should I do? I play mostly steam games like bioshock, skyrim, COD, etc.
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No point in upgrading
Go sli
Sell and get 970 (which one?)
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it's going to use the cpu more efficiently. once we start seeing games made for dx12 it will be a new generation of performance. 

do some googling around, there are people on YT who have windows 10 with dx12 and the beta nvidia windows 10 drivers. 
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Michael Birkel

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Alright LG. I'll give it to ya that this pumped me up. After all these leaks this video really brought some excitement back into this!!! So awesome!!!

Michael Birkel

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more people need to get on this so it can dominate facebook
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Michael Birkel

System Builds  - 
What should I get for 1080p gaming? Plz don't just pick the most powerful. I would like to be on high/max settings.
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GTX 980
AMD R9 390
GTX 970
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+Mehrab Hossain I'm not the OP ayy lmao
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  • Iowa State University
    Agricultural Engineering, 2011 - 2015
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I am a runner who loves engineering! FIRST Robotics was the best thing I have ever done!
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Ran a 4:47 mile and a 15:33 3 mile race. Lived in England for 4 years (2000-2004).
  • Walgreens
    Photo Specialist, 5 - 8
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Peoria, IL
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Rooms were clean and air conditioning works very well. Beds are pretty average, definitely more firm. The breakfast area was pretty standard with waffles and muffins and bagels. No hot foods like eggs or sausage. Thanks staff was nice and friendly! Not a bad place to stay.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Terrible service. We went with a group of friends to hang out for the first time, but it turned sour quickly. As we were chatting by the bar the bartender asked us to move out of "his walkway." We never even had a chance to order drinks. Then he suddenly just asks us to leave the bar. The bar was empty and no one was trying to get past. No idea why we were told to leave and never come back, but I never will. Don't go here if you expect a good time. You will be disappointed.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
The rooms are clean and very modern. The whole hotel has a purple theme going on. The various restaurants and buffets are amazing! Pool bar is decent but not huge. Great place to stay with an amazing view of the ocean!
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
All of the facilities were clean and the beds were comfy. The hot tub was broke and I wish they would have told us before. Also the cards for the doors didn't work very well. We had to get them replaced more than once. Overall still a decent stay.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
12 reviews
Phone went straight to voicemail when store open
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
The building is very nice. The rooms are quite large and modern. Overall the hotel is kinda fancy but that is expected downtown Des Moines. A good place to stay but not cheap
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Eat Here! This is an amazing Mexican restaurant. I love the food and the atmosphere is great. Its nice but not too nice so you shouldn't have to worry about what to wear. So good!
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago