How PJ Rosenberg earned my first permanent Block and Report

If you're not yet aware, G+ user PJ Rosenberg has been accused of plagiarism. Due to some top notch detective work by Mr. +Dan Soto and others the evidence is stacking up against him. It has become clear that PJ Rosenberg is a serial content thief.

His profile description and his company's testimonials have been lifted from other websites. Posts and articles? Plagiarized.

Indeed his whole web design/SEO company and its employees appear to be a fabrication. All of his employees have G+ profiles which haven't been posted to since October of 2011. Their portraits are all cartoon avatars and no other evidence of their existence can be found online. It gets worse. It also appears that he has created a couple of other fake companies to fill up his portfolio and testimonials page, even using the same phone number as his web design firm!

"PJ Rosenberg" is an alias as well. He has been registering his websites under the name "PJ Soul" (another alias) and listing the address of a local UPS Store as his address. This guy is so deep into fraudulent behavior that he can't even trust a WhoisGuard type service to obscure his personal information from domain registrars.

In my experience there isn't any other social platform out there that allows such thoughtful, immersive discussion as Google+. There are a lot of people out there who put a considerable amount time into providing interesting content and commentary. So, when someone like "PJ Rosenberg" comes along and becomes a moderately influential user based on stolen content from others, that really sticks in my craw.

Here's an image gallery from +Ronja Addams-Moring documenting PJ Rosenberg's plagiarism: (

I have been lucky enough not to have been the victim of online harassment and as such, I have never permanently blocked and reported another G+ user. Although, I feel so strongly about this that it needed to be done. Considering the scale of the misrepresentation and his follower count, I feel its important that PJ Rosenberg be removed from the G+ user base as soon as possible. Other G+ users in the past have been caught stealing posts and using them as their own. We've dropped the hammer down on them and we should do the same to PJ Rosenberg.

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Great article by +J.C. Kendall on his experience of being plagiarized by PJ Rosenberg:

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Many of PJ Rosenberg's 10,000+ followers haven't seen this evidence because he has been blocking and reporting anyone who dares to present it. He plays the victim and refers to the people trying to expose his fraudulent ways as "Mobsters."

Help squash a content thief. Block and Report PJ Rosenberg today. I suggest reporting him as "Fake Profile" unless he has plagiarized your work. If you have evidence that he has stolen your content, you can send a more detailed report by choosing "Copyright." Here's a link to his profile, if needed:

Please help spread the word by sharing this post or any of the other posts mentioned here. Let's help make G+ a safe place for content creators!
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