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Advancements in the First World Countries
                It’s very
fascinating how most of the discoveries were made in those first world
countries. Somehow, I felt glad for this kind of advancements however it made
me realize how deprived some of the third world countries are.                 Mr....

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Lason sa Ilog
Lason sa Ilog Pinangunahan na ng isang environmental
group at international advocate para sa kalikasan, GREENPEACE, ang pagsabi sa
DENR ang pagsasagawa ng contamination disclosure system para sa mga kompanya at
pabrika na isa nagiging sanhi ng pagkalason at...

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The Problem with Giant Robots
Pop culture is littered with tons of giant robots, which most of us probably grew up with. It is literally impossible to not know who Voltes V is. The same applies with Optimus Prime, Voltron, and all those Gundam models to name a few. These fictional chara...
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