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Where have I been? What time do you call this?
How long has it been?? What can I say? It's been a topsy turvy set of months. I've been trying to tighten the purse strings for a while and then the smack in the face I really didn't want was the collective genius known as Brexit. It seems to be a hippy dre...

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Cocteau Twins' Lullabies
I promised to add to this blog whenever I got every version of a release and show all the different versions. This is always tricky as how is one to know whether there are other versions other than than the ones I know about. I thought I had every version o...

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Utrecht International Record Fair 2016
I have seen adverts for the Utretcht International Record Fair for a few years now and always wondered what it would be like to see it for myself. I live in the UK, so getting there wouldn't be that difficult, but I'm far away from being a comfortable seaso...

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Business and Art, the eternal conflict
I had an interesting but short conversation with a couple of colleagues at work a couple of weeks ago where they suggested that all music and all films are made purely for money and nothing else. To say I was shocked at this universal statement of absolute ...

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The sands of time keep on dropping away, darn it!
Can anyone remember where I was this time last year? Well I was desperately trying to get my want list down to below 900 items. Time is running out quicker than you may at first think between now and 4AD's 50th anniversary in 2030. I know what you are sayin...

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Top Ten 4AD Covers, What's Yours?
A reader got in touch with me recently and asked me to do a feature on my top 4AD cover designs (Thanks Ar Ti). The late seventies and early eighties independent music labels became renowned for their artwork. Of course 4AD, along with Factory, became synon...

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How do you organise your vinyl, autobiographically?
I've started running out of room... and so begins the record collectors dilemma. If I'm making room perhaps I should also re-order my collection? There is something very OCD about storing records. I'm not too bad with it, not as bad as some collectors that ...

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Will I ever fall in love with Record Fairs ever again?
Over the last two weekends I have visited two record fairs in the vain hope of not relying solely on the internet to find the stuff that I want. There is a certain pleasure in rummaging through loads of boxes of interesting music. The elation when finding s...

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Thank You Dear Reader, Thank You
I just had to post again. Congratulations to Jez Smith in Florida who won the Greek pressing of the Cocteau Twins album Treasure on lovely vinyl, posted today to Jez. Thanks to Martin Aston for picking the winner as well. I put a list together of folk who e...
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