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Personal liability on a corporate credit card account requires some documentary proof and mere failure on part of individual owner to object to statements does not establish an account stated.  CACH, LLC v. Kugelman, CV-001156-14, NYLJ 1202728217269, at *1 (Dist., NA, Decided May 28, 2015)

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See our recent blog post on when you can execute on an otherwise exempt qualified retirement account in New York.

Piercing corporate veil not only requires complete domination of the corporation by the shareholder but also that the domination was used to pepertrate a fraud against the creditor. Justus v. Miller, 002989/13, NYLJ 1202724198573, at *1 (Sup., NA, Decided April 17). #fraud #veilpiercing

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See our new blog post on what Statute of Limitations period applies to auto retail installment contracts and auto loans. # statuteoflimitations #autoloans

New York's appellate division rules that New York's long-arm jurisdiction extends to Brazil where a Brazilian investment entity negotiated and executed contracts with New York entities and others for the purpose of establishing a large investment plan. The transaction laid the foundation for a continuing relationship between the parties, including Citibank in New York, which lasted for nearly a decade. Wilson v. Dantas, 13412N, NYLJ 1202723552794, at *1 (App. Div., 1st, Decided April 14, 2015).

An issuer of a standby letter of credit cannot consider any underlying dispute between the beneficiary and the applicant because to do so undermines the speed and integrity associated with the standby letter of credit.  BasicNet S.p.A. v. CFP Servs. Ltd., 653266/11, NYLJ 1202721296245, at *1 (App. Div., 1st, Decided March 17, 2015) #standbylettersofcredit  

Claim of Marcus Lemonis, entrepreneur and host of the TV show the "Profit", for the right to purchase the trademark Brooklyn Burger is dismissed under federal trademark law and New York's Statute of Frauds for lack of writing, where email chain does not prove a substitute for a writing.  Lemonis v. A. Stein Meat Products Inc., 14-CV-3073(DLI) (RLM), NYLJ 1202720134986, at *1 (EDNY, Decided March 6, 2015)  #LanhamAct   #StatuteofFrauds #oralagreement  

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Settlement agreement reached between counsel with each attorney's name at the end of the email is an enforceable settlement agreement under New York's civil practice rules.  Maria McBride Productions, Inc. v. Madonna Badger and Badger & Winters Inc., 032478/2014, NYLJ 1202719533513, at *1 (Civ., NY, Decided February 26, 2015)   #email  #settlementagreement

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