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jez lawrence
He's just zis guy, you know?
He's just zis guy, you know?

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You know what, I don't think I ever put a link out when I put this up - enjoy!
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I see, as ever, someone who forsaw our current difficulties ahead of time didnt get enough attention:
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Settle in, this one's 15 minutes long. How do I even describe it... folk-opera maybe?

Anyway, I would love to perform this one again in full, some day, instead of just the song as a standalone. Anyone knows how to find Rich Booker aka Xoanon, let me know.
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Pattern: SpaceX, SpaceCom, Shadowrun

Can't believe I didn't see this before and it took my mate Kren to point it out:

SpaceX rocket blows up on pad during fuelling due to an 'anomaly' in the upper stage oxygen tanks. Now, SpaceX have a lot of risk in their operation, and their rockets have blown up before - usually on landing, since launching is pretty well old hat. I mean, rockets do explode on the launch pad, but its pretty rare and its usually after ignition. You know, when you set fire to the "bomb in a tube" that is a rocket.

Behind the scenes, riding on the back of a successful launch was a takeover bid: a chinese firm had offered to buy out the Israeli's Spacecom if and only if there was a successful launch.

Following the accident, Spacecom - who remember just built the satellite, they have nothing to do with the fuelling process - lose 40% off their shares.

They're seeking compensation obviously, and insurance will hopefully sort out the rest but still...

No-one got hurt, meaning this is treated as an industrial accident, not a crime scene or diplomatic investigation.

Doesn't this smack of corporate (or even state) espionage to anyone else?

Somewhere, there's a team sat on a boatload of cash staying very very quiet.

Somewhere else, there's a chinese firm or executive buying up spacecom shares via shell companies ready for a private sale behind the scenes, getting the company they wanted in the first place at a rock bottom discount, and SpaceX have had their momentum interrupted again allowing the chinese to catch up even further.

Or... its all a mindless conspiracy. But if I was a dodgy corporate executive with access to underworld contacts and several million to spare...
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Fucking outrageous.

When even the daily mail knows its wrong, you have to hope SOMEthing changes. If I'd been there I'd have gone over with a shirt and and a hat, just for the sake of her modesty. And probably got shot for sympathising with a 'terrorist'.

How did a western country that as far as I know invented the nearly-naked bikini get to the point where defending liberty meant removing a woman's choice of what she wears? You can walk around with a Tshirt with a slogan containing foul language but you can't cover up on the beach?

Even if you take the view that something like a hijab is used as a tool of cultural oppression against women - and in some places in the world there's no real arguing that of course it is used that way - surely its obvious that forcing someone in a free country who is choosing to wear the item to not wear it is the exact same bloody thing?

And that's just the "oppressing women" part of the equation. The fact that this is a western democracy literally having a law that means you can be "guilty" of looking like a muslim is frankly even more horrifying.

I urge everyone to get a copy of the Koran/Quran in their local language and actually read it. You'll see how wrong Daesh really are pretty quickly. Religious bigotry is the enemy here, not 'muslims'.

I just... I can't even... what the hell is going on?!
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I voted to remain.

I am desperately sad and worried about the choice we as a nation have made.

I think it was the wrong choice to try to go it alone in this ever connected world, rather than to keep trying to make the EU the best it can be - there are many things about it that need to change, from its lack of true democracy to its admirable but goes-too-far open borders policy (which is like the US blind spot with regard gun control: it should be possible to strike a balance that heads off the present border anarchy that causes so much in the way of tribalistic reactions and resentment amongst the local populations).

I cannot believe the answer to the world's human problems is more walls between cultures. I just can't. Better in the gang and trying to change it than out and hovering around the edge pathetically begging for scraps and hoping we can still be a player on the world stage, in my opinion. Because I don't think we can be. I think we are now in fact and deed a tiny little island with very little actual value to anyone except those folk we still have arms and aid arrangements with, certainly not for the next few years whilst we limp through this change with a current crop of politicians who couldn't manage the place when we did have solid international options before us, let alone now.

I mean, what are we going to do? Sell yet more death machines and dodgy financial services to bastards just to try to survive? Looking at our history... yeah. Probably. /sigh.

So I feel pretty strongly.

I don't feel pretty strongly about people who feel differently. I know plenty of Exit voters and all of them had solid arguments about corruption, the undemocratic nature of the organisation, security worries that were absolutely about rational safety and economic fairness, not racism.

I just don't think those concerns are worth giving up the good things or the extra potential to do good that being part of something like the EU gives us. I would hope we would not try to do evil, even if only for the enlightened self interest of getting out things of more value to us than we put in.

Certainly as a people we're not really inclined to "evil". We're obsessed with fairness for a start off, which is not a bad thing to be obsessed with. I can't speak for our politicians in that regard though (its not like they speak for us, so that seems fair - and also why I don't really see the problem with the EU. Perhaps its just that you can't tell the difference between a blissfully ignorant UK politician and a non democratic EU power broker). I don't trust them when their backs are against the wall behind closed doors to make the 'fair' choice, not one bit.

Yeah. I think we made a big mistake.

But a petition for a second referendum?

That's not how democracy works!

A 52% majority of the turnout is more than most MPs ever get. I'm pretty sure that Its more than any government ever gets in terms of the percentage of the population as a whole. The turnout was massive. That 2% represents more than a MILLION people. That's more than turned out for the anti war march and the view was that this should be enough to sway the governments position.

I don't think we should have had a referendum in the first place, we have a representative democracy they're supposed to represent. They needed to get off their arses and really find out what people wanted, what they were concerned about in detail and then make that happen, instead of boiling it down to a single question which in fact has no clear answer.

But we DID have a referendum. My liking that fact is not required.

We foolishly voted in the conservatives who had it as a manifesto pledge and gave them the mandate to do it. Never mind why Cameron put it in there (to appease whoever, as a grand psychological trick to get us to leave depending on your particular brand of skepticism) - we voted them in (not me, as it happens, but again, that's not how our democracy works - I hate that, but we also voted against a better system too not so long back), so that's on us, too.

A second referendum is just sour grapes.

By all measures that matter, we lost, fair and square. We are outnumbered by all reasonable measures.

Its not like we didnt' know there was a strong undercurrent of anti-EU feeling in this country, just look at how popular UKIP were. Many people's mistake was in assuming that it was a single immigration issue. Some of UKIP's officials and party members may have some distasteful views, but not all, and most people I know who wanted out are rational decent human beings who wanted out for a very wide variety of reasons. "Immigration" barely registered - "knowing whos in and out" did.

So if you were one of those people who posted such vehement and awful things about UKIP and their supporters in the last few elections, tarring everyone who dared to say they agreed with the central point that we should be out then congratulations: this is all on you, too. What you successfully did was alienate everyone who wanted a way to express their view against the EU but didn't want to be automatically tarred by you idiots as a racist, and stifle what needed to be a calm, rational debate at the time.

slow clap.

We had a referendum. They had their say.

We. Lost.

We have to get over it, and we have to live, work, love the people who voted the other way because whether we like it or not we're in this together and we have to come out the other side stronger and better.

Don't like it? By all means petition your MP to make it a party manifesto pledge at the next election. If they win, they have a mandate.

But I bet they don't win by as much as Brexit just did. Is that any more fair?
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Oh dear. I AM OLD.

Maxim: Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' Is 30 Years Old Today.
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Interesting. Easy, but interesting.
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Iain and jez realising theyre sat in PINEWOOD STUDIOS! Red Dwarf audience doors open in half an hour!
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