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Treasure Valley Horse Rescue
is in need of donations and wish lists.
Fly sheets, Water troughs, Fencing, Feeder, Fly sprays, material for building run ins, MSM, Castings. Please ask and we can answer any questions you have.
Donations can be made at to

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 I think you know who you are, we have tons of pictures, statements, and proof. It is our turn now. Just waited for the lies to be said and now the truth will be heard and seen. 

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Beautiful pics
I was born in Illinois and visit family often. Sometimes you have to go away to appreciate what is great about where you were raised. I love the old Illinois farms and barns that still dot the farm land about 60 miles south of Chicago. Many were lost to development in the boom years but some are still standing and in great shape. Here is a collection of some of the farms and barns I love.
Illinois Farms & Barns (4 photos)
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We save horses from being abused, neglected, from the young to the oldies, all horses need a loving caring home.
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