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Toivo “Deutsch” Lainevool
Web publisher, Software developer, General geek.
Web publisher, Software developer, General geek.

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Yikes, Google Reader is broken, and has been for about 10 hours or so. I looked at the Google Reader Twitter account and they haven't posted anything since Nov 2011. And, they don't sem to have a Google+ page. I sure hope this doesn't signal the end of Reader. I rely on it every day.

I guess the lack of response from Google, and the lack of people commenting on it here and on Twitter is a bit disturbing. Might have to find an alternative soon.

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The Space Shuttle Endeavour flew right over our building in Hollywood today. #spottheshuttle  
Space Shuttle Endeavour Over Hollywood (2 photos)
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Wohoo! $5 for $10 worth of coffee, I'll buy that.

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I rarely use Facebook anymore, but there are just too many friends and family on there to completely ignore it.

I always try to log out of Facebook whenever I'm done looking at something, but I never really know when I might be tracked. This plugin gives me some peace of mind.

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Surprising Pinterest Results

I experimented with Pinterest a little last week and got some interesting results. I did two pins about hotel deals in Las Vegas. Here are the numbers I got on Pinterest:

Pin #1 - 8 likes, 23 repins
Pin #2 - 2 likes, 8 repins

I was really surprised at the amount of activity. I only have 21 followers and am not at all active on the site. These number look great!

What I was also surprised about was the click-through results. Out of all this activity, only 3 clicks were generated to the site that the pins were linked to. I find it strange that people are re-pinning so much, but don't even know what the pin links to.

I've heard a lot about how Pinterest drives great traffic (, but this didn't seem to be the case here. Maybe it's because these were travel related pins instead of retail items?

The article I linked to doesn't have the number of pins/repins/likes vs. click-throughs, does anybody have data for that?

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This looks like a lot of fun. Outdoor screenings of classic movies.

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts

For some reason Google+ Help does not list the keyboard shortcuts that are available, and I haven't found a complete list anywhere else, so here is my attempt....

Stream Navigation
j - next post in your stream
k - previous post in your stream
<space> - scroll down one page in stream
<shift> + <space> - scroll up one page in stream

Post Navigation
p - previous comment (also expands comments)
n - next comment (also expands comments)
<enter/return> - comment on current post (then use <tab>, <return> to post, or <tab>, <tab>, <enter> to cancel
+ or @ - to mention someone while posting/commenting
m - brings up top left menu, use arrow keys to navigate

General Navigation
<left arrow>, <left arrow> - put focus on left navigation bar, then up down arrows to navigate, enter to select
/ - put focus in seach bar, then <esc> to unfocus

Circle Page
+/- to adjust zoom of circles

What am I missing?

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This looks like a great move from Google Offers part. I wonder how many people will sign up to Google Offers just to get this?

Here is my circle of people taking the free Natural Language Processing course from Stanford. #nlp-class

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Securing Wordpress

One piece of advice from this article that I had never seen before ... remove inactive plugins. That makes a lot of sense, but I've never thought of it before.
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