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Ahmad Ibn Hajiri
A Muslim, a Tausug, a blogger, a photo-enthusiast, a writer-wannabe, currently a medical student :)
A Muslim, a Tausug, a blogger, a photo-enthusiast, a writer-wannabe, currently a medical student :)

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March 13, 2017   I was outside the hemodialysis (HD) room, watching some videos on Youtube while waiting for my patient’s HD to start. A few minutes after I seated myself on a vacant seat outside, a woman came near me. I recognized her the moment she approa...

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Reading ECGs
Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be with you!) It's my last week as a Senior Intern in Internal Medicine and this week, we had the chance (and honor) to accompany our Service Senior Resident, Dr. David Francisco on his ECG rounds. We went to the Central ECG Room wh...

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Pre-Departure Reflections
Assalamu alaykum! This week marks our first week in the community as part of our 6-week rotation in FCh260.6 Community Medicine. We will be assigned in Mendez and Bailen, Cavite. We will be leaving for Cavite this Tuesday, in sha Allah. But before that, we ...

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My days these days
This is just another random update. It's a Sunday and I am having an unusual free time, so gotta make use of it. So, what's up? On Life as a Medstudent We're on the last week of our two-month long rotation in Pediatrics. yeap. It's our last seven (or six) d...

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Rants in PGH
  MD = Manong Duties? NICU Manong Starter pack. Nakakadismaya at nakakapagod. Why do future MDs doing this anyway? we honestly learn nothing from it?   After
listening to my fellow interns (especially PGIs or Post-Graduate Interns from
other medschools) com...

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Deactivated my FB Account
I recently deactivated my facebook account for good.  Why? First for personal reasons, and second, I just had enough of all these non-sense in that site. Indeed I have  a lot of things that would make things easier for me, but I have to sacrifice that for a...

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Internship in Ophtha
Internship Day 1 to 14 Weeks 1 to 2 From July 1 to 14, 2016 The sign at the back of SOJR: The setting for this awesome two-week rotation! (Grabbed from Mike Mondragon :) will replace this once I get a better photo) General Info: Duration of Rotation: 2 week...

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Here's a wonderful story :)

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Books not War Project
Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all) Let me talk about the recent successful project we had just this June. It was coined "Books not War: A 'give-a-book' project for the children of Sulu". I will share in this humble post how the project started, how w...

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The Road to Internship
"How do I prepare myself for Internship year?" I once asked my senior interns during the last few days of my clerkship (4th yr) in UP-PGH.  "Haha! You don't! And you can't! You only have what, 2 or 3 weeks of 'vacation' after your exams and tadaa! Internshi...
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