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As we note the sesquicentennial -- and how could I pass up the chance to use the word 'sesquicentennial'? -- anniversary of a famous bit of oratory, we are once again reminded of the great rhetorical question: What if Abraham Lincoln had had access to PowerPoint in 1863?

iOS7 is a vivid, jarring example of why you should never let the hardware guys design the UI.

...and thanks to the weirdly floating icons, now everyone can feel like they're drunk.

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They say you learn something new every day. Today, we learned that it takes 5,335,200 Lego blocks to build a full-scale mockup of an X-Wing fighter.

I'm just dorky enough that I might have to go over to Times Square and have a look...

When I want to impress upon my son how old I am and how the world has changed, rather than the "uphill both ways" spiel of my parents and grandparents, I tell him -- "Yeah, well, when I was your age, the Periodic Table only had 103 elements in it".

Post has attachment which our protagonist steals second, goes back to first, and gets caught stealing second, all in a span of 5 pitches. Gotta love baseball. "And if you're scoring at home, let us know what you put down, 'cause we sure as heck can't figure it out."

This is almost as good as George Carlin's suggestion that each batter only get one pitch, and if he's hit by the pitch, he's out. ;-)

heartily endorses this event or product.

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The 'Animal Farm' version...

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An excellent piece on my friend who recently died.

"No! Because it's shiny and it's broken!" --words to live by.

Before I got so heavily involved in fixing computers, the only thing the term "cascade failure" meant was that my dishes weren't clean.
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