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Interesting. I've not really been interested in tablets to this point, but a Kindle has piqued my interest, and now this... hmmm. Would be fun to win one, that's for sure!
I'm Giving Away The First Amazon Kindle Fire EVER!

Yes, I really ordered 5 Amazon Kindle Fire tablets like 1 minute after the pre-orders opened up on Amazon.

Some of the Livid Lobsters at our office were all like, "Why did you need 5 of these?" And I was all like, "I don't know! But I'll find a use for them!" And they were all like, "You should give some away, as you are often want to do!" And I was all like, "That's a swell idea!" and "You don't have to talk in old English."

So, here's the deal. I'm going to give away ONE of the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablets to someone who has me in a Circle here on Google+. There are only three requirements:

1) You have to be in the USA. Sorry, but shipping is nearly impossible outside the states. :-(

2) Do you have me in one of your circles? Great. You're golden.

3) SHARE this post to let other's in on the chance to win one as well.

I might possibly give another one or two away later, depending on how this goes. Stay tuned and we'll see.

Good luck!
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A lesson that God has really been repeating in my life lately, am I a casual Christian? Feel free to check out my initial thoughts on this and share with me yours while you are at it.
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