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"Loving Care When You Can't Be There"
"Loving Care When You Can't Be There"

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+UMN Veterinary Medical Center is awesome! ♥

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Did you know ...
Sycamore trees linked to equine diseaseAtypical myopathy caused by tree seed toxins

New research suggests that toxins from the seeds of Acer pseudoplatanus trees - commonly known as sycamores in the UK - could be the cause of equine atypical myopathy (AM) in Europe.

A highly fatal muscle disease, AM has been reported in around 20 European countries over the past 10 years, tending to occur repeatedly in autumn and spring.

Led by Dominic Votion, researchers at the University of Liege carried out the study, which involved 17 horses from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, all of whom were suffering from AM. The findings have been published in the June Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ).

Experienced botanists visited the pastures of 12 of the horses, finding that the Acer pseudoplatanus was present in all, and was the only tree that each pasture had in common.

The sycamore and the box elder tree (Acer negundo) are both known to produce seeds containing hypoglycin-A, which is thought to be the likely cause of AM in Europe, as well as seasonal pasture myopathy (SPM) in North America.
Researchers identified high levels of a toxic metabolite of hypoglycin-A in the serum of all horses involved in the study.

Further research by the universities of Liege and Minnesota will attempt to determine exactly how the disease occurs. The seasonal variations of hypoglycin-A are not yet understood, though it is known that the seeds of different trees contain highly variable quantities.

Researcher Dr Jeff Gilman explained: "It is likely that the most important contributing factors to horses becoming poisoned by hypoglycin-A are the availability of seed in the field combined with lack of other feeding options.

"Without question, further analysis of the seeds and other tissues from Acer species needs to be performed along with sampling of plant materials over multiple seasons and at various stress levels."

Professor Celia Marr, editor of EVJ, added: "In immediate practical terms owners can take prompt measures to avoid exposing their horses to sycamore seeds this autumn.

"Where horses are grazing in the vicinity of sycamore trees, it is imperative that they are provided with sufficient supplementary feed as this will minimise the risk that horses might be tempted to ingest seeds containing this toxin."

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In case you missed the baby announcement >>>
The baby boom continues! We are excited to announce two new Wild Asian horse foals on the Northern Trail. 

The female and male were born July 17 and July 20, respectively. Both weighed in at about 60 pounds at birth. The foals,  *Varushka and Otradnoye* (pronounced "atradnia"), are making their debut today so be sure to come give them a warm Minnesota welcome!

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Is your horse too fat? There's an App for that ...
Is your horse too fat?  There's an APP for that!  Yes, seriously!  It's marketed by the University of Minnesota, and based upon their research studies.  Called the Healthy Horse App, it is available in the Apple iPad store for $1.99.  And here it more info on the research behind it:

I think that it will be extremely helpful to a lot of people, what do you think? 

#horses   #horsefriday  

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Anyone else looking forward to winter?! ♥

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Wild Horse News ...
On the Trail of Wild Takhi
Our conservation biologist, Dr. Kate Jenks, is currently in Mongolia exploring options for the +Minnesota Zoo to become involved in the conservation of the Asian wild horse (also known as Takhi, or Przewalski’s horse), in partnership with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Read about it all in our latest blog post -!

#conservation   #horses   #AsianWildHorse  

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Too funny ...
"To catch the squirrel, you must become the squirrel."
It will nut be easy…

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"Bad Boys, Bad Boys ... what'cha gonna do when we gnaw on you?!"

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Awesome First Aid Checklist ... print, laminate, and then hang in your barn, truck, trailer, and even put one in your saddle bags too ... along with your first-aid kits, of course!  ;-)

Thanks to +Horse and Rider Awareness with Randi Thompson  for the "share"!
"Your very own Barn First Aid Checklist for Horses and Humans"

 This makes it easy to keep all the essentials on hand for any emergency.  Even better news, you can print this out and use it in your barn

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LOOK ... guess who is a vendor at the upcoming  Midwest Family Pet Expo - Oct. 5 & 6  - at the +National Sports Center in Blaine, MN?!  Yep, WE ARE!!! Can't wait to meet everyone! :-)

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