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For where I live in central North Carolina, the hurricane came and went. It was mostly light rain all day and while we had some strong winds, we did not lose power here. I believe we've gotten less than an inch of rain total.
So overall, it was a good day to stay inside and play games. :)
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good to hear. Glad folks are safe.

Pamela Stroud

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I'm posting this as public as I hope it will have broad appeal. However I could also be a strange person for finding this sort of thing interesting.
This is a photo gallery of the inside of various people's refrigerators.

If this is a good representation of the typical American refrigerator, then most people have way more stuff in their fridges than I do. You can tell the folks who really cook from the ones who do not. The ones I found most saddening: the one that was mostly empty and the one that was full of take-out containers.

Link originally from +John Durant 's blog.
Mark Menjivar (b. 1980) is a photographer and lives in San Antonio, TX.
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What, Betsy? You haven't had a beer smoothie yet? I hear they're all the rage. (I KID, I KID, please don't think I actually make beer/milk smoothies. Bleh)

Pamela Stroud

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From the people who gave us the "dirty dozen" of vegetables, EWG now has a "meat eater's guide." Of course it is pretty obvious that ruminants that are raised in concentrated feeding lots would produce a greater carbon footprint. The solution is not to eat less meat but find grass fed and local sources IMO. They are going to have to pry my beef out of my cold dead hands.
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I'm trying to figure out how to afford to feed a family of 6 on all grassfed/pasture-raised meats. It ain't pretty, I'll tell ya, but I'll figure it out eventually.

Pamela Stroud

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I rarely pay attention to the news because of all of this. Sure it affects me somehow in the grand scheme of things, but I look at: Do I have a job? Yes. Could I lose it? Yes. Will I get another job if I lose this one? It may take a bit, but yes. Everything else stays the same. I may have to save longer to get what I want, but I eventually do.

People are still getting rich even in crappy economies. Don't just give up hope and lie down and take it. I'm not saying you need to get rich or have the instant ability to, but, for example, in my town here in NC, everything's pretty much fine :) Everyone goes about their business each day, retiring to homes or bars or whatever after they're done. The ones out of work look for work. Same old story.

Moral: It's never as bad as the media makes it out to be, especially since a person is in charge of their own path.

Pamela Stroud

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Now this actually looks like an interesting cookbook, considering that the "comfort food" genre is typically way out of reach for us gluten free types. I'll still wait for a look at the inside or reviews before I order it, but the photo on the front is promising.
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