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Gal Pal Society: Be your own Valentine
It's been awhile since I did a "Gal Pal" post and I figured with today being Valentine's Day I wanted to do something special. I had an idea a few weeks back to create a post centered on female self-love and use it to encourage other gals out there to re-di...

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Gal Pal Society:Carissa
Throughout life, we meet individuals who capture our hearts without hesitation, and present a sense of  intrigue and wonder among meeting them. I met Carissa through a mutual friend just a few short months ago, where we attended a local hockey game. It was ...

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Eliminating bitterness in your marriage.
 Bitterness is toxic.  It can poison our minds into believing that forgiveness is an impossible feat, and waver our hearts desire to love our spouse unconditionally. Whether it stems from weeks, months or years before, it's not easily shaken nor corrected. ...

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Gal Pal Society: Vicki
I'm thrilled to be jumping back into the "Gal Pal" series after a bit of a break, and have some amazing women lined up to feature in the next coming weeks. I gained so much inspiration over the past month regarding ladies encouraging one another which has d...

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Fall Family Session
Jon Medina is a dear friend of our family and not only is he an incredible soul, he's an extremely talented photographer here in Cincinnati. He has shot our little family a handful of times, and has been our number one choice for Christmas card sessions thr...

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Gal Pal Society: Brittany
Brittany: 31 Call me biased, but this weeks lovely lady is easily my favorite to date. My sister Brittany is as equally beautiful on the inside as she is  on the outside. Her laugh is infectious, humor is off the wall, and personality is down right weird in...

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Gal Pal Society: Jamie
Jamie:34 Growing up my brother was always someone I greatly admired, and still do, so when the day came he told the family he met "his wife", my first thought was "she better be awesome, because he's awesome, and my brother's not going to marry someone lame...

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Gal Pal Society: Gabi
Gabi: 24 I don't know abut you, but I feel like my city, and really the world can seem so small at times, especially the webs that social media helps weave of this seemingly small community of people that know one another. Gabi and I met over social media j...

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Tyler + Donny (Family Session)
I'm thankful for people like Tyler and Donny, who trust me enough to capture lives little moments through photography, and make something I'm passionate about so much fun. Yesterday, we met up on the farm to do a sweet family session, that ended in golden h...

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Gal Pal Society: Ashley
Ashley: 28 The term "best friend" has always seemed adolescent in nature, almost petty even, until I became an adult and found one. My idea of what a best friend was as a child was someone that must like everything I like. or have all the same opinions and ...
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