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+Blogger It'd be nice if the Android App supported Pages.
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Notifications for Smart Launcher conflicts w/Google Hotwords

I'm not sure if there's anything you can do about this on your end, and I've already sent a bug report to Google but I figured I'll tell you anyway. A lot of similar apps run into this problem from what I've seen.

When the notifications app is enabled, Google Hot Words stops working. Disable notifications and Google Hot Words works just fine. For the unfamiliar, Hot Words let's you speak 'google' to start a voice search in the Google Search app instead of having to touch the Mic.

This is totally related to my recent feature suggestion. ;) If I could directly choose Google Voice as the default search app I wouldn't really need Hot Words anyway. I actually uninstalled the notification app because Hot Words is too convenient a feature to give up.

If there's nothing you can do about this I understand because you're not the first app to invoke this conflict.
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That makes sense. I guess that's why the other devs do it.
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Customizable Hardware Buttons

So for example being able to choose which app launches when I longpress menu from the homescreen. I'd rather use Google Voice than Google search. Or perhaps being able to assign a double tap action to the home key, you know, to launch Google Voice? lol

Options on top of options, I know. But at the very least I'd like to be able to choose what search (or any app?) gets launched from the homescreen.

I see in the Roadmap we'll be able to assign double-click actions to bubbles? I'll probably use that for Google Voice when it launches. Looking forward to it!

Thank you +Vincenzo Colucci 
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+Vincenzo Colucci  This should be the last one. I emailed you about this before but never got a response. I also just discovered this community today so maybe I should have gone about it that way.

Long story short: I'm right handed. I mostly operate my phone with only my right hand. I've found it  more intuitive and comfortable to control SL with my right hand in Left-handed mode. Still with me?

It makes it easer to switch app categories with them closer to my right thumb instead of having to reach other to the left side every time. It's just faster and easier. My problem is with the activation buttons placement.

The placement of activation buttons is perfect in right-handed mode. I can just tap the bottom-right corner to bring up the Widgets then tap it again to make them go away. But in left-handed mode the buttons are switched and I have to stretch my right thumb over to the left corner which takes long and isn't as comfortable.

Perhaps add an option to lock the placement of activation buttons? This would make it so much better. Or maybe change it so left-handed mode doesn't swap the activation buttons but if you wanted to do so that's just an additional option named swap activation buttons. Of course, these options would also swap/lock the placement of buttons on the widget panel.

I'm not sure if I've explained this clearly. Let me know if this needs any clarification.

Thank you.
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I'm right handed and also prefer the Left Handed mode as's just more intuitive for one handed operation.  I do find an issue when I try to swipe back to close as it acts laggy and doesn't always switch back to the "home" screen.  What would be cool (and I don't know if possible or even feasible) to swipe once more the same way you opened the app drawer (not sure if that's the correct term).  For example, from the "home" screen, I swipe right to left to open the app drawer and then have to swipe left to right to go back home.  Of course, my phone has a "home" button so I could just press that, but, I always seem to forget about this button...or too lazy to
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+Vincenzo Colucci Not sure if this was intentional but the sliding threshold for the widget screen and the app drawer are not the same. In the first shot you can see that's about as far as you need to go for the app drawer to appear. It's nice and I like it.

In the second shot you see the widget panel threshold. Well, almost. It won't appear unless you drag all the way to the colons. (On the clock display.) Why can't the widget panel be the same as the App drawer? At the very least can this be an option? 

Thank you.
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Interesting. So long as you're aware of it then.
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This guy delivers.
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Have him in circles
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I don't know how I feel about this song.
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Saw this punk kid on the #Subway. I asked him if he could see through 'is bangs. He just shrugs. #NYC
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+Vincenzo Colucci Would it be possible to hide the activation buttons? This way you keep their functionality AND keep the homescreen nice and clean.

Thank you.
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I see.
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Have him in circles
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