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Is anyone having a problem with T-Mobile? 4 days ago it failed to connect with my phone. Cant make a call on Fi Data or even my WiFi when TMobile is the carrier

Just bought my third Nexus 6. My wife has one, my son has one, and I have one. I'm on of those people who love it's size. I love the large screen. The 6P has fingerprint security which is cool, but not for me. The 6P is a really cool phone and Google's large phone flagship. There are some of us however, that prefer the Motorola Nexus 6, and I'm one. 

Bought a Nexus 6 from Motorola for my wife, through Amazon, new. Bummer. The phone Audio doesn't work, and for the life of me I can't figure it out. Did factory resets, safe factory resets, no joy. Will return, but never read about anyone with a similar problem. Audio works for everything but phone. Phone Audio works with headphones too.

I have a Nexus 7, a Nexus 6 bought from Motorola 3 days ago, and a Nexus 6 purchased from T-Mobile in March. The Nexus 7 and Motorola 6 had a 48T system build. They have both received updates. Why aren't the T-Mobile 28M's getting updated. Very irritating.

Okay... After a 4 year wait, I got my invite and my sim card 24 hours later. I bought my Nexus from T-Mobile. All I had to do was take the T-Mobile sim card out and put the Fi card in. When I got the invite I downloaded the Project Fi app before the sim card arrived.

Once the sim card was put in, the phone took control and walked me through everything (not much to go through).

I actually like my Google Voice number a lot, so I elected to go with that instead of my old number. Clean start, flush the callers I don't want to talk to (many). Let the others know my new number. I will port my old cell number to my VOIP provider.

Everything worked flawlessly. I was fully activated in about 20 minutes, even though the screen said it could take a day or two.

I live in Southeast FL and coverage is good. The quality of my calls was superb and former dead spots, T-Mobile always dropped, didn't drop. So it works!

Good news for you guys, who like me, were on the dead sea scroll wait list... Its worth the wait.

Requested an invite a month ago, just saw that I should expect it in 12 weeks or more.  My company is torn between deploying Microsoft universally via Office 365 licenses, or Google Apps.  It sure looks like the people who are buying new Nexus 6 phones directly from Google are getting on right away, while others wait.  T-Mobile is great in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida and I have unlimited data for a reasonable price for the amount I use, so I am rethinking the Project Fi deal...  Waiting around like this is irritating.
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