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Requested an invite a month ago, just saw that I should expect it in 12 weeks or more.  My company is torn between deploying Microsoft universally via Office 365 licenses, or Google Apps.  It sure looks like the people who are buying new Nexus 6 phones directly from Google are getting on right away, while others wait.  T-Mobile is great in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida and I have unlimited data for a reasonable price for the amount I use, so I am rethinking the Project Fi deal...  Waiting around like this is irritating.
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I have an android. I've had androids for years. I have a Nexus 6 and a Nexus 7. I also have a number of PC's. I have 6 Google Apps accounts. In fact, I was even an early adapter of Wave. I love Google. I've also been a user of Microsoft Products since I bought my first computer, a 125 mb Mac. I used Microsoft Windows since I bought my first HTC smartphone in 2003. Used it on my Palms and HP smartphone, until I bought my iPhone 2. I didnt have a problem Microsoft needed to fix. I fix my problems, as I know what works best, and where. The only problem I can't fix is the 12 weeks - or more I was given as an "update." Update, really? I may have to live with it, but I dont have to like it, or the hapless marketing surrounding it.
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